Pelosi: ‘It’s Impossible for Trump to Be President Again’

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had a pronouncement for American voters in a recent appearance on CNN.

It’s “impossible” for former President Donald Trump to become president again.

“You lay out what the former president has said he wants to do in terms of repealing Obamacare, in terms of being proud of Roe versus Wade being struck down, in terms of more tax cuts, along the lines of what you saw in 2017, that also polls much better for Democrats than it would for him,” the host Phil Mattingly said. “And yet this is a neck-in-neck race and no one feels very comfortable in the Democratic side of things that Donald Trump isn’t going to be the next president.”

“Well, I don’t think that nobody feels, I think many of us know that it’s impossible for him to be the president again with what he’s proposing,” Pelosi responded.

“Why do you say that?” Mattingly inquired.

“Well, because when you’re talking about what he’s talking about now is more tax cuts for corporate America, taking them down so low to the detriment of our budget and meeting the needs of people,” she went on. “But people have to know, I have said over and over again, President Lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. With it, you can accomplish almost anything, without it, practically nothing, but public sentiment has to be informed. People have to know. So we can talk more about what he has done, what it means at the kitchen table for people to have lower cost for prescription drugs, lower cost for healthcare. Because it’s not just about their good health, it’s about their financial health and security as well.”

Pelosi then expressed confidence in Biden’s effort “to get the job done” in 2024.

“Our inside maneuvering to get the job done, the president’s vision for our country, his knowledge of the issues, his strategic thinking as a legislator are so important, but so is his emotional connection, the empathy he has for working families in our country,” she said.

The former Speaker’s remarks come amidst an all-out campaign across numerous states to bombard former President Donald Trump with civil and criminal lawsuits. Trump now faces a whopping 91 criminal counts that could land him over 641 years in prison if found guilty.

Democratic officials have additionally sought to remove Donald Trump from state ballots, such as in Colorado and in Maine. Legal cases over these anti-democratic maneuvers are slated to be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.

By Melinda Davies
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John Acord
John Acord
5 months ago

You can see the fear, the desperation, the knowledge that Trump will restore this nation to the people who built it and depose the organized crime syndicate that holds it in it malevolent, satanic grip.

5 months ago


then yes it is impossible in your mind!!!

Piglosi is Such a loser!!!

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