Patriot Leo Terrell Taunts Former Trump Supporter Steve Cortes with Poll Showing DeSantis Getting Annihilated by the former President

Steve Cortes is a fired former NewsMax reporter who used to be an adviser for Former President Trump. At some point, something broke him, and he left the Trump train for less green pastures over at the failing Ron DeSantis 2024 campaign.

Trump loyalist and patriot Leo “2.0” Terrell has seen enough, and is calling out Cortes on Twitter. Cortes has been blocking Twitter Trump supporters left and right, because he can’t take the criticism and wants to live in his tiny pro-DeSantis echo chamber with other seemingly bitter folks like Ann Coulter, Pedro Gonzalez, and Jenna Ellis.

A new poll shows Trump wiping the floor with DeSantis 47-19 in New Hampshire, a state DeSantis put a lot of effort into.

Terrell asked Cortes to comment:

“Any comments @CortesSteve ?”

Alex Bruesewitz shared the same poll with:

“DeSantis is turning out to be one of the worst Presidential candidates in history. The more people get to know Rod, the less they like him!”

You can see the full poll numbers below.

Former Republican Gov. of Maryland Larry Hogan recently called DeSantis’ campaign “one of the worst”. Hogan believes that DeSantis’ campaign is “close to over” as DeSantis is not a good campaigner or debater.

According to Real Clear Politics Trump is maintaining an average of a +30 point lead. How much longer will DeSantis last? Will he stick it out as others view him as dropping “like a rock”?

By Liam Donovan
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