Outrage: Another Male Athlete Just Destroyed Girls’ State Record

Maelle Jacques, a male student at Kearsarge Regional High School and a sophomore high jumper, emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association Division 2 state championship, competing in the girls’ category. Jacques not only secured the title but also shattered the existing girls’ high jump record, leaping at an impressive height of 5’1″, surpassing any other girl’s performance by one inch.

Had Jacques participated in the boys’ division, his performance would have been far from successful. The lowest jump achieved by boys was 5’8″, while the highest jump reached an impressive 6’2″.

As per the report by NH Journal, Jacques has been consistently dominating the girls’ division in the school district, securing victory after victory for the past two years. Riley Gaines, a prominent advocate for women’s sports, strongly criticized both the school district and the parents of fellow athletes for permitting Jacques to participate as a girl, consequently undermining numerous girls’ sports records.

“How could the parents of this boy allow their son to cheat deserving women out of opportunities? And why don’t the parents of the girls stand up and say ‘no’ for their daughters?” Gaines wrote on X. “This country is full of failing, gutless mothers and fathers.”

The school district has frequently justified their choice to permit Jacques to participate as a female.

“Kearsarge supports all students and student-athletes regardless of their gender identity,” said district superintendent Winfried Feneberg.

“Each student-athlete has the right to compete in the activity of their choice,” she said. “The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association’s stance on this issue is clear: Denying that opportunity is a violation of equal rights afforded under state and federal law.

“Further, we believe that limiting access to any activity violates our core mission and vision, which are grounded in supporting every student and student-athlete’s right to pursue their goals and interests,” Feinberg added.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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10 days ago

Don’t forget these demented pedo perverts also demand to share the shower rooms with your daughters…These psycho freaks use sport to target your kids
and Blackrock/Vanguard force this satanic shit on your daughters with their ESG/DEI bullshit to destroy the nation from within

Last edited 10 days ago by revo
10 days ago

How does a male beat the girls’ state record? How does a male compete fairly against a female? These jackasses should be delivered to the nearest insane asylum – for their own good – and for ours. They really want to be girls? Then first force them to obtain vaginas, big breasts, ovaries, a uterus, eggs, fallopian tubes and a hole to push a baby through. Then they’ll be female – and ONLY then. Bring intelligence back and end this stupidity.

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