Only Days After U.S. Army Ammunition Factory Catches Fire, U.K.’s Only Munitions Factory Explodes

The only munitions filing factory in the United Kingdom exploded on Wednesday, just two days after a fire broke out at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

On April 15, the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant (SCAAP), the main producer of 155mm artillery shell bodies in the United States, caught fire.

Just two days later, on April 17, a portion of the United Kingdom’s only munitions factory exploded when a single shell detonated inside the facility.

The blast took place at the BAE Systems munitions factory in Glascoed, Wales.

BAE Systems is the largest defense contractor in Europe and the seventh largest globally.

The reason behind the explosion at the munitions factory is currently under investigation.

As reported by The Daily Mail:

Locals living close to a BAE Systems weapons plant rocked by an explosion earlier today say the blast ‘felt like an earthquake’ as a shell went off.

The blast took place at the BAE Systems munitions factory in Glascoed, Monmouthshire shortly before 10.50 am.

MailOnline understands the explosion relates to a single shell going off at the munitions filling factory, run by BAE, Europe’s biggest military contractor.

Emergency services were deployed to the site, which is spread across a large field close to the south-eastern village; locals say the blast ‘wasn’t loud, but felt like an earthquake’.

BAE Systems has promised a full investigation into the incident at the factory, which is the UK’s last remaining munitions filling factory.

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The cause of the fire at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant is also under investigation.

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By Hunter Fielding
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