NYC Forces Students Out of High School to Turn It Into Shelter to House Migrants

A high school in New York City has been converted to accommodate 2,000 illegal immigrants, requiring pupils to study remotely instead.

The unlawful border crossers were brought to the school from a tent shelter in New York City.

Because of the interruption, the pupils have been compelled to switch to homeschooling.

Residents and local officials, meanwhile, have expressed displeasure over the proposal.

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams of the “sanctuary” city claimed authorities are relocating over 1,900 migrants from Floyd Bennett Field’s tent camp.

According to Adams’ office, the migrants are relocating inside the school for safety concerns due to the impending storms and severe winds.

Adams told reporters, per the New York Daily News, that it was done out of “overabundance of caution.”

“We want to make sure people are safe,” he said.

New York City, however, is controversially relocating the illegal immigrants to James Madison High School.

The school acknowledged that it is now being utilized as a “temporary overnight respite center” and that it would be shuttered on Wednesday as a consequence.

As a consequence, students were informed they now needed to “pivot” to remote learning.

Republican Councilwoman Inna Vernikov said in a statement that the decision was “unacceptable.”

Floyd Bennett Field, according to Vernikov, is “not a sustainable housing facility.”

“Our public schools are meant to be places of learning and growth for our children, and were never intended to be shelters or facilities for emergency housing,” she said.

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NYC Comptroller Brad Lander, a Democrat, said that the situation “highlights the mismanagement and waste of money that is all-too-present in City Hall’s approach to shelter and services for asylum seekers.”

The New York Post reported that the move caused parents at the high school to become incensed. One woman was caught on video screaming at illegal migrant buses as they arrived.

“How does it feel that you kicked all the kids out of school tomorrow!” she shouted.

The imbroglio was stoked by concerns that a big migrant tent at Floyd Bennett Field might collapse due to severe rains and gusty winds, which prompted the city to relocate them to the second-floor gym at James Madison High School, five miles away.

“This is f—ed up,” a local resident named Rob told the Post. “It’s a litmus test. They are using a storm, a legitimate situation, where they are testing this out. I guarantee you they’ll be here for the entire summer.

“There’s 1,900 people getting thrown into my neighborhood, half a block from where I live and we don’t know who they are,” he said.

“They’re not vetted. A lot of them have criminal records and backgrounds and we don’t even know.”

Adams’ office claimed the move is a preventative action to guarantee the safety of everyone living and working at the migrant facility, and it will “continue until any weather conditions that may arise have stabilized and the facility is once again for living.”

According to the mayor’s administration, over 160,000 migrants have flooded into the “sanctuary” city since the middle of 2022. Texas has bused some of those unauthorized immigrants in directly.

By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago

GREAT to hear!

Now If the students pick up Bill coopers book, “Behold a pale horse” they will be the most educated students in America!!! Amen

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