Nurse Confirms Hospitals Killed Patients to Boost Covid Deaths

A brave nurse has come forward to expose a major cover-up in hospitals across the country and beyond.

Gail Macrae, a nurse with Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa, has blown the whistle to reveal that hospitals were killing patients with their own protocols during the pandemic while blaming their deaths on Covid.

According to Macrae, hospitals were killing patients to boost the number of Covid deaths to create the illusion of a deadly pandemic.

The effort was successful in spreading fear among the public and increasing compliance with Covid vaccinations and other mandates.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate media reported rising death numbers every day.

As the fatalities climbed, many people grew increasingly fearful, which meant they were all too willing to roll up their sleeves when the first mRNA injections rolled out.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that it was the response to the virus – namely, hospital treatment protocols and the vaccines themselves – that were the real drivers of deaths.

Now, one nurse has finally come forward to confirm this.

Macrae recently sat down with Steve Kirsch to share the horrors she saw during the pandemic, and one of the most upsetting things she mentioned was the fact that so many people died from the treatment protocols that the CDC forced hospitals and doctors to adhere to.

Kirsch reports that both Macrae and an ICU doctor he spoke to after the interview estimated that roughly 90 percent of those who died were actually killed by the COVID-19 treatment protocols rather than the virus itself.

This figure was backed up by Dr. Paul Marik, an experienced physician and former professor of medicine who is the chairperson of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

He told Kirsch that he felt 90 percent was a fair estimate.

Dr. Marik worked in the ICU during the pandemic and had a very high success rate of saving patients with COVID; he reports saving nearly 100 percent of them with his own protocol.

However, after being instructed by superiors to switch to the “hospital protocol” in accordance with guidance by the CDC, seven out of his next seven patients passed away, including a 22-year-old.

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He resigned from his position because the hospital would not allow him to save patients’ lives.

Macrae provided an explanation for why so many hospitals were claiming that COVID-19 was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

She said that hospital record management systems like EPIC were set up in a way that all patients who were admitted with COVID-19 were marked as “unvaccinated” by default, and nurses were not instructed on how to change that.

Although they made notations of each patient’s true status in their written chart, the statistics that hospitals reported were based on the vaccination status field in the electronic record rather than each patient’s handwritten notes.

This specific scenario reportedly took place at Kaiser; it is not known how many EPIC clients were set up with the same default.

She also shared valuable insight into what happened after vaccines were rolled out.

She said there were very high numbers of anaphylaxis reports following the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, but people were very reluctant to talk about it because they believed they would be fired.

Kirsch notes that there were no cases of anaphylaxis reported in Pfizer’s Phase 3 trial among 22,000 individuals who received the jab.

This means that the shots should have been suspended immediately given the huge discrepancy between what was claimed by the vaccine’s manufacturer and what actually happened when people started receiving it.

After the vaccines were rolled out in March 2021, Macrae reports that numerous patients were admitted with unusual symptoms such as new clotting disorders that had not been encountered previously, strokes, heart abnormalities, rapid onset dementia, and autoimmune conditions.

Many rare adverse events were taking place at frequencies that were previously unseen.

For example, her hospital had seen just two cases of individuals with Guillain-Barre syndrome in the previous nine years.

After the vaccine rollout, they saw two cases in patients who had been vaccinated in the past 24 hours and a total of four cases in just six weeks.

She added that younger people started being admitted to the hospital with unusual symptoms at the same time that the vaccines were rolled out for their particular age group.

Another doctor Kirsch spoke to at Macrae’s hospital informed him that the jabs resulted in all-cause mortality rising by 80 percent in hospitals.

According to Macrae, some medical staff were warned that reporting vaccine side effects to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) would result in them being fired.

Many doctors are still not speaking out because they fear they will lose their jobs, harm their reputation, or lose their hard-earned medical license.


By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

She left out,
& to make millions of dollars!

6 months ago

People who are awake already knew this just based on observation and common sense. They murdered my aunt at the hospital.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
6 months ago

WHY did she go all g with it and not speak out ’til now??? As a retired RN I knew the protocol was killing patients; how did she promos it then a d act to stop the murders???

6 months ago

God knows they made the wrong decision when they refuse to speak up. If this was a test in righteousness then they failed.

6 months ago
Reply to  Erin


Can GOD have mercy on their souls???

6 months ago

So True!, my good friend died because of a ventilator and poor judgement.

Now what?!

Where’s the lawsuit??!!

Where does his wife and children sign up to persecute?


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