Nikki Haley Cancels All Public Events as the Humiliating Super Tuesday Results Start Coming In

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has no events scheduled for Super Tuesday as her campaign is now facing insurmountable odds due to a number of unfavorable results.

As reported earlier on The Politics Brief, Haley is projected to lose the purple state primary of Virginia, which was being closely watched as a harbinger of whether she could become competitive.

Instead, Haley is expected to lose the Virginia primary by at least 27 points, according to a New York Times projection. Trump is also out to an impressive early lead in Vermont.

Independent journalist Nick Sortor noted that Haley’s public calendar had been wiped.

As reported earlier in the day at Trending Politics, “Nikki Haley has cancelled a number of ad buys and scaled back public appearances as speculation over her potential exit from the race once again rises.”

“There was some reporting over the weekend on Sunday that Nikki Haley may or may not have any ads past yesterday or today. And that she may or may not have any appearances past today, this Monday,” said Fox News host Bill Hemmer before turning to his co-host, Bret Baier.

“Bret, you’ve been following that. Can you confirm any of that?”

“I haven’t talked to anybody on the campaign beyond, you know, some people tied to it tangentially. If that’s the case and holds to be true, that’s very telling,” Baier replied.

“Her only win so far is the D.C. primary, and you look at the map and look at the polls, and it’s tough to see a breakthrough any place on Super Tuesday despite the fact that 11 out of 15 states are open primaries where Democrats and Independents can vote,” Baier continued. “But that’s a telltale sign. We saw that from Ron Desantis, too, after Iowa.”

It appears that Haley has wiped her calendar clean of all public appearances on Super Tuesday, which comes amidst a coming avalanche of Trump primary victories.

By Melinda Davies
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