New Witness Reports Accuse Nathan Wade of Being Fani Willis’ ‘Backdoor Operator’

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis gave her “Special Prosecutor” Nathan Wade more authority behind-the-scenes in the run-up and during the Trump case in Georgia than previously known, a new report indicates.

According to multiple people who spoke exclusively to Breitbart News, after Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis was elected in November 2020, Nathan Wade “made the decisions to hire or fire” staff in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

“Wade is a prosecutor on the Trump case and he selected the office employees,” one source said.

The inside sources, who were familiar with the “corrupt” district attorney’s office, said that Wade oversaw a transition team of ten to twelve individuals who conducted interviews and evaluations of employees to vet them for loyalty and reliability after Willis’ election in November 2020.

According to a second unnamed source, Wade was the one responsible for choosing which ones of 250 office workers would stay on. Insiders said that Willis and Wade met privately for one-on-one interviews; Wade was “too invested to be just a friend” of Willis to have such a prominent job, according to the sources.

“Willis said everyone in the office was essentially all terminated, and that essentially we had to reapply for our jobs and must submit an application and schedule a time to appear for an interview,” a source said. “We had to reapply and came back in so they could interview everyone — from lawyers to paralegals to assistants to investigators.”

“And in that room, in my interview, there were a lot of people other than Fani Willis. And that was her transition team. I definitely know that Nathan Wade was in that room because he was taking the lead role,” the source stated. “And I was a little confused because I had never seen him before.”

“I had about maybe ten people in the interview,” another source described the reinterview process with Wade. “Nathan definitely was up moving around and taking charge in the room. Wade hired the entire office of 250 employees,” the person said. “I was just telling him my employment background, and they just sit there and looked at me and they said well, ‘you’ll get an email on our decision.’ And that’s what Wade said. And he looked at Willis. They looked at each other. And there was just something so weird going on.”

According to Wade, their romance began in 2022, the same year that Willis began investigating Trump for president. However, the testimony of former staff in the Fulton County D.A.’s office contradicts these claims.

“Robin Yeartie’s testimony directly contradicts statements from Willis and Wade that their personal relationship didn’t begin until after Wade was hired in November 2021,” PBS reported. “Yeartie was called to testify in a hearing to determine whether Willis should be removed from the case accusing Trump and others of conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.”

“Yeartie, who previously worked in the district attorney’s office, testified that she saw Wade and Willis hugging and kissing prior to November 2021,” the report added.

Furthermore, Wade’s and Willis’ denials of a running romantic relationship prior to the Trump investigation opening have been contradicted by cellphone data obtained and analyzed by the Trump legal team.

On Friday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on the Trump legal team obtaining cellphone data that deal a tremendous blow to Willis’ and Wade’s narrative about when their romantic relationship began.

Nathan Wade appeared to make at least 35 visits to the Hapeville neighborhood where Fani Willis was living before the district attorney hired him to lead Fulton County’s election interference prosecution, according to cellphone data included in a court submission filed Friday.

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The filing, by attorneys for Donald Trump, raises fresh questions about the relationship between the two prosecutors, which the former president and other defendants argue has tainted the case against them and should result in Willis and her office being disqualified.

Trump’s lawyers relied on data collected from Wade’s cellphone and cellphone tower transmissions to track his movements. It seems to contradict Wade’s testimony last week in which he said he had visited Willis at her condo in Hapeville no more than 10 times before he was hired in November 2021. It also indicates Wade twice arrived late at night at the condo and left early the next morning in the months before Willis and Wade said their relationship became romantic early in 2022.

Both Wade and Willis testified last week that they did not spend the night together at the Hapeville condo.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution explains why this is important context for the filing of the Trump racketeering case in the State of Georgia.

The timeline is important for two reasons. If Willis and Wade were a couple before she hired him it raises the prospect that she may have violated at least the spirit of anti-nepotism rules, though Fulton’s policy specifically focuses on family members. More importantly, both Willis and Wade have testified under oath that the relationship began in 2022. If defense attorneys can prove that they lied under oath it could constitute perjury.

As reported, earlier many legal analysts believe that Wade and Willis are now “toast.”

Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis denies that the cellphone data are a reliable indication of Mr. Wade’s or her own whereabouts during the time frame in question.

The records do not prove, in any way, the content of the communications between Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis; they do not prove that Special Prosecutor Wade was ever at any particular location or address; they do not prove that Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis were ever in the same place during any of the times listed in Supplemental Exhibit 38.

However, the statement doesn’t refute that Wade was at Willis’ home on two occasions in question, Sept. 11 and Nov. 29.

Nathan Wade’s involvement in the Fulton County D.A.’s office ran deeper than previously believed. Thus, instead of merely being her “Special Prosecutor,” Wade was actually more like Fani Willis’ backdoor operator.

By Melinda Davies
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1 month ago

This SCUM conspired with the Occupied White House to “Get Trump!”
That’s all I need to know.

1 month ago

Her “backdoor operator” is probably a correct description.. lolol.. 😉

1 month ago

Does this mean she likes sodomy?

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