New Evidence Shows FBI Is Blocking the Release of FOIA Requests Tied to Seth Rich Once Again

Once again, the FBI is preventing the disclosure of information connected to the death of Seth Rich.

Another Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and another cover-up from today’s FBI.

The number of lies the FBI has made about Seth Rich continues to add up.

The most recent lie was that the Mueller team said Seth Rich played no part in the transfer of DNC-linked emails to WikiLeaks. However, they didn’t even examine his laptop, which they had in their possession.

One report even went as far as to indicate that the documents released by the FBI contained discussions about assassinations.

This prompts further questions about the case and why the FBI deceived the American public regarding his death for years.

Once again this week, the corrupt FBI repeated their actions.

The FBI is hiding entire records systems from FOIA requestors and using links to systems that don’t work.

Here’s the submitted document stating the FBI is at it again:

2023.08.18 Reply ISO Supple… by Joe Ho

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By Hunter Fielding
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William G Munson
William G Munson
10 months ago

We the people know it was a Setup by the FBI and Federals Marshalls too and Remember the VAN they Claim That was robber incase they found the Weapon and the Bullets that was shot into Seth Yes and the people at the Hospital and the Doctor that no one knew was there and worked on him Yes and other things Hillary involvement too What you have to be Kidding do like the FBI Go RAID them! Like they did TRUMP home but no place of Joe Biden,s that was four places with Stolen Documents too Period

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