Nerdy Ron DeSantis After Mocking Trump’s Blizzard Joke Tells Little Girl ‘That’s Gotta be a Lot of Sugar’ About her ICEE

Florida Governor and failing presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently mocked Donald Trump when at Dairy Queen he jokingly asked “what is a Blizzard”.

More recently, and after trying to upstage Trump’s DQ visit as well, DeSantis was seen almost scolding a little girl’s dietary choices. Cassandra MacDonald quipped:

“He’s like… Ned Flanders personified.“ as a quote tweet to video:

“Gov. DeSantis to Iowa girl enjoying an ICEE: “That’s probably a lot of sugar, huh?”

Many have claimed that DeSantis just doesn’t have the warm personality Trump has. This matters a lot when trying to run against a former and possible future president.

Likability that is. DeSantis doesn’t have it and he continues to get more awkward as the campaign continues. Many have noted the strange weight loss, weird laughs, head bobbling and hand mannerisms that reek of anxiety from the Florida Governor.

Many also question if he’s as good as Trump as it pertains to stopping foreign wars. Many think DeSantis would do Jeb Bush or Jeff Flake’s bidding so to speak. As more time passes, the more it becomes clear that DeSantis only can win if Democrats put Trump in jail.

By Liam Donovan
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