Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer Introduces New Bill Allowing Teachers to Defend Classrooms with Firearms

Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer (R) is pushing for a bill that would permit teachers and other school personnel to carry firearms in schools across the state to defend classrooms.

According to the reports, Brewer is stressing the special conditions in Nebraska, where numerous schools are located in rural areas, resulting in extended response times for law enforcement.

Brewer suggests that teachers and staff could serve as immediate first responders, potentially saving countless lives during the gap between an alleged attack and the arrival of police.

In addition to permitting teachers and staff to carry firearms for classroom defense, Brewer’s bill “would give local school boards the ability to allow off-duty law enforcement to carry guns onto school property.”

It would also allocate funds for the development of comprehensive maps detailing the layout of every school property in Nebraska. These maps would then be distributed to law enforcement personnel to ensure they are familiar with the facilities in the event of an attack.

Governor Jim Pillen (R) voiced his support for Brewer’s bill last month at the Governor’s Forum held during the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2024 SHOT Show.

Pillen said, “We’re working on legislation to allow guns in schools to make sure we keep our kids safe.”

According to RAND, “As of January 1, 2021, 28 states allow schools to arm teachers or staff (not just trained guards or peace officers) in at least some cases or as part of a specific program.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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