NBC WH Correspondent Declares with Glee that Donald Trump’s Plane ‘has to Wait to Taxi’ Unlike Air Force One, Gets Wrecked in X Replies

Democrat media complex operatives are constantly trashing former President Trump, and by proxy everyone who voted for him and supports him. Sometimes however, their “takes” can be even colder than normal.

One such example shows itself on X (formerly Twitter) today. “Senior White House Correspondent for NBC” Kelly O’Donnell was apparently bored and not really thinking before posting in this one.

The replies show just how out of touch she is and also how many other ways you can tell that “hairy legs” Joe Biden now unfortunately occupies the White House, at least when he’s not falling off his bike or vacationing in Delaware.

O’Donnell posted an image appearing to show “Trump Force One” saying:

“A clear sign he is not president anymore. Despite all the motorcades and perks, his plane has to wait to taxi. Air Force One gets immediate clearance.”

The replies, in our opinion, were nothing short of spectacular. One X user said:

“The clearest sign he isn’t President is the current economy, war in Ukraine, high inflation, energy dependence, open borders with mass migration and a country that is in decline while the politicians get richer, the lobbyists steer policy and the good people of this country bear the cost.“

Another said:

“You really live in a very small bubble, and have know idea how the major of us see you and all your colleagues across all MSM as left political talking heads and disinformation pontificators for the Democratic Party! So thanks, for proving we’re correct in our analysis!”

While this sort of phenomenon isn’t new it’s always funny to watch it unfold.

By Liam Donovan
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