Nancy Pelosi Weighs in on ‘Beautiful and Intricate’ Trump Indictments

Former House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lauded the indictments against ex-President Trump, describing them as “beautiful and intricate” and believed they stand a good chance for convicting the former president.

In a detailed conversation with New York Magazine published on Monday, Pelosi discussed the implications of Trump potentially securing another term.

Pelosi commented, “The indictments against the president are exquisite. They’re beautiful and intricate, and they probably have a better chance of conviction than anything that I would come up with.”

Speaking about the possibility of Trump’s re-election in 2024, she expressed strong reservations. “Don’t even think of that,” Pelosi remarked concerning Trump’s potential return to the White House. “Don’t think of the world being on fire. It cannot happen, or we will not be the United States of America.”

She further stated, “If he were to be president, it would be a criminal enterprise in the White House.”

Pelosi also said in the New York Magazine interview that “I knew on January 6 that he had committed a crime.”

The most recent indictment was issued by Special Counsel Jack Smith a week ago regarding January 6. Another potential charge awaits Trump in Georgia over his challenges to the state’s election results.

Responding to Smith’s indictment, Trump’s defense argues that his 2020 actions were within the bounds of the First Amendment. John Lauro, Trump’s attorney, clarified on Fox News Sunday that Trump simply inquired officials to confirm election outcomes rather than imposing such directives.

By Melinda Davies
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11 months ago

That beyotch is still alive??? Guess she’s plastic inside and out. She’ll be turning in her grave soon enough – and I can’t wait…

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