Pelosi Says Trump Needs an ‘Intervention’ during Interview with Psaki, Who Nods and Smiles

U.S. House Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in an interview on MSNBC with Jen Psaki that President Donald Trump needs an “intervention.”

After suggesting that Trump believes he is the Messiah, Pelosi told Psaki, “It’s time for an intervention, maybe his family, maybe some Republicans.”

Psaki seemed excited about that idea as she nodded and smiled, adding, “Maybe if they’re watching. You’re calling for an intervention.”

Before that, Pelosi and Psaki discussed the comments that Trump had made about the economy, with Pelosi predictably trashing him.

Pelosi declared, “Well, it’s just another manifestation of the insensitivity, of the grotesqueness of this person.”

“He doesn’t care what that means to the kitchen table interest of America’s working families. Maybe some of his rich friends who pour money into his campaign because they don’t want to pay taxes might take notice of his ineptitude,” Pelosi insisted.

Pelosi then heaped praise on Joe Biden and claimed that he has done a “remarkable job” as President of the United States.

“The path of inflation going down, he has been remarkable and he has done it in a way that has justice… in every way,” Pelosi claimed.

By Liam Donovan
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1 month ago

When Piglosi speaks, Nobody listens!!!

Lke a hen clucking in the yard.

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