MUST-WATCH: Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence on Potential Putin Interview, ‘We Will See’

Tucker Carlson has spent several days in Russia, sparking outrage among liberals, RINOs, and Ukraine critics over the possibility of an interview with the ‘official boogeyman of the West,’ Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was previously reported that Tucker Carlson was seen in Moscow, Russia, amid speculation of an upcoming interview with Vladimir Putin.

If the Tucker-Putin interview does take place, it would represent a significant breakthrough in the gatekeeping practiced by Western globalist mass media, which restricts citizens’ access to information.

It’s no surprise that fervently pro-Ukraine shills are foaming at the mouth. Take a look at some of the ‘warmongers, shitlibs and war porn enthusiasts.’

While not everyone opposes it, most sensible individuals welcome it Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. remarked: “The legacy media is in shambles because we’ve caught on to their lies and propaganda.”

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Tucker takes a moment to talk with a Russian friend and neither confirms nor denies the intention of interviewing Putin, stating, “We’ll see…”


The last time Tucker tried to interview Putin, the NSA began spying on him and leaking information.

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By Hunter Fielding
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