MUST-WATCH: An Armed Citizen Stops a Mass Shooter in Las Vegas

On Friday, just after 3 p.m., a good guy with a firearm successfully neutralized an alleged armed attacker in Las Vegas’s Turnberry Towers condominium.

The attacker was “a man wearing a helmet” who “had an AR-15 and other weapons,” according to reports.

The man who stopped the reported attack works in the building where the incident happened and remains unidentified.

KLAS reported that Turnberry Towers resident Benjamin Teal said he pulled up to the building as the incident was unfolding, and the valet told him where to take cover:

“My valet comes out waving his arms saying, ‘There is a guy with a gun, turn around and go the other way,’ and so we go down to the basement the first level where the valet parking is and then we heard about six to seven or eight gunshots.”

Teal added: “It was pretty distinguishable to be a gunshot.”

The accused attacker was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.


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By Hunter Fielding
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