MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Warns Americans: ‘If Trump Is Elected, America Will Be Threat to the World Order’

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “Deadline,” MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace asserted that if former President Donald Trump were to be re-elected, the United States would pose a threat to the world order.

“One of my favorite conversations you had last night we were talking about sort of the things that were still in the DNA of the two parties, that the Republicans fall in line and the Democrats sort of wait to fall I think they largely love Joe Biden and what he’s done, but they want to be more madly in love with someone or something,” she said.

“It was on display last night. Donald Trump has all this resistance. He’s losing like 35 to 55% of the primary voters. But Mitch McConnell fails in line,” she continued.

“Biden wins 98% and like 5% uncommitted, and Dems are still wringing their hands saying, ‘I don’t know will Newsom get in?’ It is bonkers,” she added.

“To the degree the country’s in any decline, it is the threat of a second Trump term. I had the former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull on and I said will we still be part of the intelligence sharing? He said ‘I don’t know.’ America becoming a threat which is a threat to the world order if Trump is re-elected is known to quote Donald Rumsfeld. It is known,” Wallace stated.

“I don’t know if former Defense Secretary Mattis or Mark Milley will come out and say those things, but everyone in the National Security establishment who worked in and was around the first Trump term will tell you that,” she added.

“And what they would say privately and publicly is America could survive one Trump term, it won’t survive a second,” she claimed

“That is a fact of the view of those who were tasked with protecting our national security during his presidency before and probably some are still in those agencies. And yet Mitch McConnell who, if I have access to that information, Mitch McConnell does, too, endorsed Trump today,” she said.


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By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Um…. that’s EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT! Threaten the [new] world order, make it extinct!

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