MSNBC Host Joy Reid: ‘Whether You Like It or Not Immigrants Build America and Make It Run’

During Thursday’s broadcast of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, host Joy Reid said that whether we “like it or not, immigrants continue to build America and make it run.”

Discussing commentary surrounding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Reid said, “These grotesque accusations are part of a rightward shift in America where the majority of our problems are laid at the feet of people Republicans claim have broken into the country like burglars to steal jobs and money from real Americans.”

“What they fail to acknowledge is foreign labor has fueled the American economy for generations,” she continued.

“Millions of African men and women kidnapped and transported to this country and forced to become America’s’ most efficient labors were sold by property, bred like cattle with a single task of planting and picking cotton, cultivating rice and other crops, herding cattle and building the grand homes and iconic buildings that define America,” she added.

“The profits from cotton alone propelled the U.S. into one of the lead economies in the world by the 19th century and made the south Americas’ most prosperous region until the civil war,” Reid said.

“After which, the wealth of the country shifted north, to the railroad men and the industrialists.

“With that came the 15,000 forgotten Chinese migrants who helped build the western portion of America’s’ transcontinental railroad in the late 1800s,” she continued.

“In the east, it was roughly 10,000 Irish immigrants who helped build the eastern section of that railroad.

“Irish immigrants also helped build a number of America’s key canals like the Erie canal, because few locals would work for the low wages that the newly arrived Irish would,” Reid later added.

“Whether you like it or not, immigrants continue to build America and make it run,” Reid concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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23 days ago

She just might have a brain but it is not in the right place!!!!!!

23 days ago

For someone who so obviously hates white people, why does her dye her hair blonde? Is that a new black color???? She lives in a world of delusion when she suggests that current successes America has given us are due to immigrants, which is true, but in fact the vast majority of settlers who put our country on a path of working to become a successful new nation were from a variety of nations, mostly European and few of which were from black majority countries and Latino countries. Indeed, they arrived later and learned much from those original settlers.

Last edited 23 days ago by elizabethrc
22 days ago

Yeah, especially the ILLEGAL part – they fit right into this administration.

21 days ago


The white ones” did originally with the Chinese, Italian and the others.

The new illegal immigrants”, are here to tear that Shit down and turn it into the garbage cities that they came from.

Why doesn’t joy Reid adopt a half dozen grown ass men and keep them in Her home?

She could drive them to work.


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