mRNA Inventor Blows Whistle on ‘Weaponized Fear’ Agenda: ‘Psychological Bioterrorism’

The world-renowned scientist behind mRNA vaccine technology has blown the whistle on a shocking agenda to push the entire human race into complying with the globalist vaccination agenda.

Dr. Robert Malone warns that unelected globalists and top government officials are preparing to leash a “new wave of psychological bioterrorism.”

Malone warns that governments, the corporate media, and vaccine makers are planning to terrify the general public using the “fear of infectious diseases.”

He reveals that the plan with involve either launching a fake pandemic or unleashing a virus onto the public that is so deadly, that people with have no other choice but to comply with the mass vaccination agenda.

Dr. Malone says that the general public will be forced into being injected with “dangerous” mRNA vaccines that he helped to create.

“We’re going into another round of psychological bioterrorism involving weaponized fear about an infectious disease,” Malone warns.

Malone points out a crucial fact that often gets overshadowed by media and government-induced fear.

He notes that there is currently no evidence to support sustained human-to-human transmission of H5N1 – or Bird Flu.

The renowned scientist underlines the ethical concerns surrounding using fear for control, equating it to psychological bioterrorism.

“The deployment of fear about infectious disease to manipulate and control populations is fundamentally unethical,” Malone states.

According to Malone, the weaponization of infectious disease fear undermines trust and freedom.

As he explains, such an agenda warrants public exclusion of those who perpetrate such tactics:

“People that will weaponize fear in the general population of infectious disease have no right to be involved in public discourse,” he argues.


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Testifying about the Covid pandemic before colleagues and UK parliament members last year, Malone declared:

“Instead of informed consent about the truth of these products … we were given a series of lies.”

According to Malone, those lies were:

Lie #1 –The COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” a repeated slogan Dr. Malone calls propaganda.

Lie #2 –The contents of the COVID shots stay in the arm.

“They knew that these products deployed all throughout the body,” said Dr. Malone.

Lie #3 – mRNA lasts in the body for a short period of time.

“We now know that these products remain in your body and remain biologically active for an undetermined period of time, or at least weeks and probably months; another lie,” rebuked Dr. Malone.

Lie #4 – “No one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated.”

Pfizer admitted to MEP Rob Roos that they never tested if the jab stopped transmission.

Dr. Malone expressed that this series of falsehoods was employed to justify the use of experimental products with high profit margins.

These products aimed to show the safety and efficacy of a vaccine platform technology (mRNA), which could then be applied for additional purposes (more mRNA shots).

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Developing bio-weapons should be illegal! International law should make “gain-of-function a crime against humanity! Those who continue should be removed from society!

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