Moderna Caught Running Secret Operation to Silence Vaccine Critics

Vaccine maker Moderna has been caught secretly running a widespread operation that sought to shut down people who criticized their Covid mRNA injections.

According to a new report, Moderna engaged in illegal surveillance and influence operations designed to erase any and all bad press about their vaccines from the internet.

UnHerd reports that the company ventured into the murky world of surveillance, propaganda, censorship, and public influence to hide the disastrous side effects of the jabs.

The company used the network to influence the public discourse on vaccines.

Central to this operation is a collaboration with Public Good Projects (PGP) and former law enforcement officials.

PGP is a drug industry-funded NGO.

The operation aimed to combat what the company considers to be vaccine “misinformation.”

However, this initiative’s scope and methods have sparked significant concerns.

The effort was blurring lines between public health advocacy and corporate surveillance.

During the pandemic, Moderna transformed almost overnight from a fledgling biotech firm to a household name.

Moderna’s sudden success was thanks to the widespread use of its mRNA vaccine.

However, as the demand for vaccinations waned, so did Moderna’s earnings.

In response, Moderna increased vaccine prices.

However, the Big Pharma company also embarked on a marketing campaign to maintain its relevance in the public health sphere.

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The company’s surveillance arm was led by Nikki Rutman, a former FBI analyst.

The operation monitors a vast array of mainstream and alternative media outlets.

Utilizing advanced technology like Talkwalker’s “BlueSilk” AI, the team tracks vaccine-related conversations across millions of websites globally.

High-risk alerts are raised for narratives that could potentially harm Moderna’s interests or bolster anti-vaccine sentiments.

This proactive approach to monitoring and influencing vaccine discourse extends to scrutinizing public figures like Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and Russell Brand.

Moderna’s reporting on public figures’ comments on vaccines does not necessarily dispute their claims but flags them as “misinformation” if they are perceived to encourage vaccine hesitancy.

The partnership between Moderna and PGP, however, is particularly interesting.

UnHerd claims to have obtained documents revealing that the companies initially collaborated on a program called “Stronger” in 2021-22.

The program seeks to identify “misinformation” and shape content decisions on social media.

However, the relationship has grown between the pharmaceutical firm and the NGO.

PGP, with its extensive access to Twitter data and influence in formulating pandemic-related speech policies, has been pivotal in guiding Moderna’s strategy.

According to documents, PGP works closely with social media platforms, government agencies, and news websites to confront the “root cause of vaccine hesitancy” by rapidly identifying and “shutting down misinformation.”

Moderna’s disinformation arm is perpetuating the public discourse wars that have been raging since early in the pandemic.

This effort was aimed at shutting down anything that might undermine COVID-19-related policies, including lockdowns and efforts to encourage mass vaccinations.

These documents provide a new window into the process that has roiled speech debates over the last three years.

As part of the effort, Moderna plowed huge sums of cash into “independent fact-checkers” on social media.

These so-called “fact-checkers” moved to shut down any wrongthink on social media.

“What often flies under the banner of combating disinformation is, in this case, nothing but corporate public relations, trying to spin public narratives in directions favorable to the corporation’s interests,” said Aaron Kheriaty, a bioethicist, and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

“Does anyone really want to live under a regime where their social media feed is essentially curated by government or by multinational corporate interests that stand to profit, influencing opinion on these issues?”

But despite the growing backlash against social media censorship, the network of fact-checking “nonprofits” has grown at an industrial pace.

The industry is providing opaque opportunities for private and public interests to take subtle control over the public discourse.

Such sophistication in blending public health messaging and corporate advertising should concern anyone with an interest in how the government controls free speech.

“This is an interesting peek behind the disinformation industry, what it actually does,” said Kheriaty.

“It’s about controlling a narrative, controlling the flow of information, controlling how people think about public policy, like the vaccine mandate, and how people think about a particular product that a corporation is profiting from,” he added.

“It’s deeply disturbing.”

By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

Why would this be a surprise to anyone? Covid-19 was the goldmine they had in the past and they don’t want this to end.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
7 months ago

Well, I’m sure Moderna and all their “watch dogs” just “love” me in that case. Plainly put, Moderna is paying to STAMP OUT TRUTH for MONEY; regardless the harm being done to their innocent victims! People need to stand up collectively, call them on their lies, and the harm done, while preventing further harm to individuals, and costs to societies as whole entities! We tell children there are no real monsters, but that, too, is not true; there are many monsters, evil and deadly to their very cores, they just don’t LOOK like the monsters they are! These responsible for pushing this horror, ARE truly monsters!

7 months ago
Reply to  Sandra Smith

Good post but reminds me of the situation with a group of folks standing around someone on the ground – who shouldn’t be – one speaks up and says “somebody, call the police” and no one reacts instead of pointing the finger at any one individual and telling them to ‘call the police.” Outcome is very different. If you added the where, how and who to ‘people standing up collectively,’ share what you’ve done or info leading to folks who want to do something but short of traveling to DC and protesting outside the WH, what’ve we got? Where do we go and who’s in charge?

7 months ago


Didn’t work, so the DUMBASS’S WASTED THEIR MONEY!!!???

7 months ago

Another Synagogue of Satan EVIL Zionist!

7 months ago

How any thinking human being could not see from the getgo just how toxic these clot shots were amazes me. They didn’t even try to hide it. They bragged about the Kike spike & depopulating by billions!
Wonder what part of BIO WEAPON did the sheeple not get?
Yes, young, healthy pilots, athletes and kids are dropping like flies from the toxic graphene oxide death VAX. We have brilliant God given immune systems that the evil globalists want to destroy. The Scamdemic was created so they could roll out the toxic Gates/Fauchi/Schwab/Bourla JEW jab DESIGNED to KILL. NWO agenda to depopulate on schedule. The ZIONISTS depopulate and make billions from it. A win/win for the satanic globalists demons

7 months ago

They are calling it “Misinformation” which means people don’t agree with Moderna. This surveillance and interfering needs to be stopped is it legal?

7 months ago

With a name like “MODE RNA” it’s no surprise.

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