Moderna Admits Covid mRNA Shots Cause Deadly ‘Turbo Cancers’

Moderna has admitted that the Covid mRNA shots that it and other pharmaceutical companies produce cause deadly “turbo cancers.”

The company was forced to make the admission after billions of DNA fragments were found in vials of the injection.

The revelation was made after Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA technology, recently testified during an “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing.

The congressional hearing was led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Despite being one of the pioneers being mRNA technology, Malone has been speaking out against the use of the Covid shots on the public.

Malone argues that mRNA shots are unsafe and should never be used on humans.

He argues that the mRNA technology that he helped develop has now been abused by pharmaceutical companies for profit.

During the hearing, Malone revealed how Moderna’s patent shows that its (COVID-19) “vaccine” vials contain billions of DNA fragments and other contaminants linked to birth defects and cancer.

At the hearing, Dr. Malone spoke about how Moderna acknowledges in its patent that RNA is preferable to DNA in vaccines because of the risks involved, but that the company’s mRNA injection, which was administered to tens of millions of people, is contaminated with the latter.

“Moderna has a patent on the use of RNA for vaccines,” Dr Malone stated. “And in that, Moderna explicitly acknowledges that RNA is superior to DNA for vaccine purposes because problems, including the possibility of insertional mutagenesis that could lead to the activation of oncogenes or the inactivation of tumour suppressor genes.”

“FDA says they’re not aware of any concerns, but Moderna, in its own patent, lays out exactly the same concerns that exist about DNA in insertional mutagenesis and genotoxicity.

“So, Moderna knows it – DNA is a contaminant. It is left in because of the way they make it … they use DNA to make RNA, and then they degrade the DNA, and then they have to purify the degraded DNA away from the RNA, and the process they are using is not that good.”

Moderna ADMITS That DNA Contamination Can Lead to Cancer

• Moderna has a patent that acknowledges RNA is preferable to DNA in vaccines due to risks of insertional mutagenesis, which might activate oncogenes or inhibit tumor suppressor genes, Dr. @RWMaloneMD explained.

• A new…

— The Vigilant Fox ? (@VigilantFox) November 15, 2023

Scientists from the United States and Canada were able to get their hands on unopened vials of Moderna’s COVID jab, with a clear chain of custody, and sampled them.

This is their expertise, just to be clear: they do deep sequencing on samples and relay their findings for the public good.

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What they discovered were large numbers of DNA fragments in the RNA preparation, to which they applied standard reconstruction tools to see what the circular plasmid DNAs looked like – none of this was disclosed to the public, by the way.

The documentation suggests that there are certain DNA sequences present in the vials that are normally not allowed in anything that is going to go into humans, “not the least of which is an antibiotic resistance gene,” Dr. Malone explained.

“They include these sequences from Simian Virus 40 – not the whole virus, but highly active promoter sequences – which is exactly the thing that the FDA in their older regulations said must be avoided because it confers even more risk for insertional mutagenesis.”

It turns out that Pfizer’s mRNA injection for COVID contains the same contaminants.

Documentation was provided by the company to regulators in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

These regulators deleted the little notation about SV40 sequences in an apparent attempt to hide it from the public.

“The FDA didn’t take the raw DNA sequences, reconstruct those plasmid maps, and look at them themselves,” Dr. Malone clarified.

“They just took for granted what Pfizer had given them.

“And now this is all coming out because of what these researchers found.”

High-level people at both Moderna and Pfizer had to have known about this, Dr Malone said, the potential consequences for jab recipients being “anything that is associated with DNA damage, i.e., birth defects and cancer being the most notable ones.”

By Hunter Fielding
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25 days ago

It’s getting redundant! Yes, they knew. They know that we know.
The important fact…we have done nothing to stop them, or punish them! This was no mistake! It wasn’t a goof! No, it was a conscious effort to kill as many humans as possible! Genocide…planned and executed!
What is stopping Globalists and Big Pharma from trying this again?
If not for the Fascistic relationship between our government and Pharma, there would be arrests, trials, convictions and executions of those who attempted to kill us wholesale! But, it’s impossible to tell where Big Business leaves off and government begins! This horrid genocidal plot was devised by our world leaders! We must face the fact.
While we’re distracted by fears of the next Boogieman, we fail to realize…the Boogieman is within our gates!

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