Matt Gaetz Grills Pro-DeSantis Ken Cuccinelli About ‘Leaner’ Campaign Strategy, Leaves him Nearly Speechless

Unapologetically Pro Donald Trump U.S. House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) interviewed Ken Cuccinelli of “Never Back Down PAC”.

Cuccinelli, who worked hard to stop Trump in 2016 as well, was appointed by Trump while he was actually president as head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

That wasn’t enough for Ken however, who is clearly still against Trump. The former Virginia Attorney General even dodged a question by Gaetz about whether or not they’d move money over to a possible Glenn Youngkin campaign if they acknowledge DeSantis can’t win the presidential primary.

Cuccinelli got defensive when asked that and would not directly answer the question, instead saying something bizzare about “12 degrees of Kevin Bacon”. Earlier in the interview, Gaetz asked about the DeSantis campaign laying off staffers and getting more lean. Cuccinelli did not like that one either.

”I don’t think anything has gone wrong, I think they’re right to get leaner, take a more insurgent approach, that’s what I like to see…”

“Why didn’t they start that way Ken? Wait wait…” Gaetz interjected. Cuccinelli ignored Gaetz but Gaetz kept on the gas pedal: “if lean and insurgent was the right approach, why didn’t they just start that way?” The two began two talk over each as it turned into an almost all out verbal brawl. Watch the full video from NewsMax shared by MAGA War Room on Twitter/X:

Clearly the NeverTrump gang is back together for another round of embarrassing moments, as Gaetz demonstrated with Cuccinelli in the aforementioned clip.

Time will tell how messy things get before the GOP gets their act together, if ever.

By Liam Donovan
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