Matt Gaetz Gives DeSantis a Reality Check After 30-Point Iowa Caucus Defeat: ‘It’s Over Man’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) gave Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis a reality check after he suffered a 30-point defeat in the Iowa caucus.

In a post on X this morning, DeSantis declared, “Nikki Haley is afraid to debate because she doesn’t want to answer the tough questions such as how she got rich off Boeing after giving them millions in taxpayer handouts as governor of South Carolina.”

“The reality is that she is not running for the nomination, she’s running to be Trump’s VP,” DeSantis claimed.

DeSantis then insisted, “I won’t snub New Hampshire voters like both Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, and plan to honor my commitments.”

“I look forward to debating two empty podiums in the Granite State this week,” DeSantis concluded.

Gaetz told DeSantis in response, “It’s over man.”

Gaetz later shared a screenshot from a Wall Street Journal article where he said, “This race is all over but the crying.”

“Denial is one of the phases of grief, and DeSantis and Haley may be going through it right now, but there’s no sustainable path to the nomination for them,” Gaetz explained.

The overwhelming victory by Trump, who finished above 50%, meant that it didn’t matter who came in second and that the strong turnout showed Trump supporters’ continued enthusiasm Gaetz pointed out.

“We parachuted in and ran it up. At this margin for Trump, there’s only one ticket out of Iowa,” Gaetz added.

By Liam Donovan
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