Matt Gaetz Drafts Hunter Biden Subpoena, says Kevin McCarthy Just Needs to Sign

U.S. House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) drafted a subpoena for Hunter Biden.

Gaetz shared the subpoena on X calling on Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to sign and date the draft.

Gaetz also accused the Speaker of not being serious with his apparent inaction in investigating the Bidens.

Gaetz shared:

@SpeakerMcCarthy, after eight months of inaction, I have taken the liberty of drafting a subpoena to Hunter Biden.

“It simply requires your date and signature.

“Millions of Americans are wondering if you’re serious.”



Gaetz has challenged the Speaker since the beginning.

He is pushing the Speaker to play ball and investigate the Bidens.

Gaetz has threatened to oust McCarthy over dragging his feet on the Biden investigation along with other reasons.

It seems Gaetz may have been one of the factors McCarthy considered when finally deciding to greenlight the Biden impeachment inquiry.

Gaetz shared in an interview he did with CNN that he wants to keep McCarthy to his word on spending.

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He also shared that McCarthy agreed to put forth 12 appropriations bills, but that hasn’t happened.

Gaetz doesn’t want another continuing resolution passed he wants a balanced budget.

He also kept the pressure on McCarthy with the investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

Much to McCarthy’s chagrin, Gaetz wants to see more action and so do the American people.

By Liam Donovan
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