Maryland Senate Approves New Bill Granting Access for Illegal Aliens to Buy Health Insurance

A new bill that has just passed through both the House and Senate in Maryland would allow illegal aliens to purchase health insurance.

Last Friday, the Maryland Senate passed the “Access to Care Act” with a vote of 34-13, split along party lines.

In late February, the Maryland House approved a similar version of the bill with a vote of 101-34.

Both chambers must vote to approve each other’s versions of the legislation before it can be forwarded to Democratic Governor Wes Moore for approval.

According to Ninfa Amador-Hernandez, a policy analyst at CASA, an immigrant advocacy group, the bill represents a “step forward” toward ensuring that all Maryland residents have access to healthcare.

“Maryland is a home for immigrants, and we see this bill as just another step forward to ensuring that all our Maryland residents have the best access and quality of life and care that they can have,” Amador-Hernandez told the local outlet.

Sources familiar with the legislation informed Fox News Digital that the bill would not impose extra costs on Maryland taxpayers.

If enacted, the legislation would grant illegal aliens the opportunity to buy healthcare at the same rate as American citizens.

The proposal would additionally mandate the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange to file a federal waiver application by July 1, 2025, for the program’s implementation.

The waiver is necessary due to federal limitations on illegal aliens purchasing health insurance.

If granted, the program in Maryland could potentially start as early as 2026.

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By Hunter Fielding
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