Mark Levin Says Jack Smith is Now Monitoring Social Media and Seeks to Destroy Free Speech Like the Rest of the Biden Regime

Apparent rogue prosecutor Jack Smith has gone berserk after a quite basic Truth Social post by Donald Trump. We reported on that earlier:

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It’s being reported that Smith and the looney left are indeed trying to use Trump’s vague social media post against him legally.

“Just In: Jack Smith has asked the Judge to limit Donald Trump’s access to evidence that will be used against him. He’s using a Truth social post as an excuse to do it.

According to Smith, the post where Trump says “If you come for me, I’ll come for you” is referring to him and members of the Justice Department.

Is Jack Smith admitting he’s going after Trump? Would our founding fathers be ok with a current President weaponizing his DOJ against his opponent and blocking his access to properly defend himself?

H/T @officer_Lew”

Mark Levin is fuming mad over these latest developments. Levin implies Smith is even further eroding the public trust by going after free speech itself, something seemingly quite unconstitutional:

“Special Counsel Jack Smith is now monitoring social media. Like the rest of the Biden regime, he seeks to destroy free speech. But in his case, by intimidation of a defendant. Who else’s social media is this Stalinist monitoring? It really is time for Congress to step in and expose what’s going on here. America can’t allow this Stalinist to destroy the criminal justice system, the electoral system, and free speech all at once.”

Levin also said:

“Smith knows he can file ANYTHING with the DC Obama-radical judge and get any outcome he wants. So, he filed his imbecilic motion with her last night, playing to his Democrat Party and media peanut galleries.”

It seems the Democrats, RINOs, globalists and warmongers are desperate to stop Trump regardless of blowing their credibility while doing so. “Trump War Room” recently dropped a video ad that helps summarize what’s going on with the rag tag band of people trying to throw him in jail.

Any political candidate with less backbone would have caved by now but Trump will continue on running it seems, no matter what trick the left tries next.

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By Liam Donovan
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John Acord
John Acord
9 months ago

Imagine thinking you’re a member of The Resistance at this point.
The FBI stands with Joe.
The CIA stands with Joe.
The DHS stands with Joe
The courts stand with Joe
The Democrat Establishment stands with Joe.
The Republican Establishment stands with Joe.
Big Tech stands with Joe.
Hollywood stands with Joe.
The BIG BANKS stand with Joe
Academia stands with Joe.
The Media stands with Joe.
The Military Industrial Complex stands with Joe.
The CCP stands with Joe – they own Joe
George Soros stands with Joe.
Klaus Schwab stands with Joe.
The American people stand with Trump.
Does Anyone realize that our ONLY Ally is Vladimir Putin!

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