Maria Bartiromo Drops a BOMBSHELL: ‘Biden Regime Sold $300 Million Worth of Border Wall Parts for $2 Million’

The Biden administration initiated the opening of the southern US border on its first day and ceased all construction of the Trump-era border wall along the southern border of the United States.

For years, the excess parts and segments of the border wall were left in the desert, gathering dust.

In that same timeframe, more than 7 million illegal aliens have crossed freely across our southern border in the US.

The combined count of illegal immigrants who came into the US while under Biden and Mayorkas’s watch has surpassed 7 million individuals.

On Saturday it was reported by the Daily Caller that the Biden regime was selling off Trump border wall materials.

The Democrats hate walls unless they are protecting their own property.

Now on Sunday, Maria Bartiromo reported that the Biden administration sold components of the Trump border wall, valued at $300 million, for a mere $2 million.

It’ll certainly be interesting to discover which fortunate firm with Democratic connections secured that government contract!

This blatant corruption is likely to be brushed aside by the mainstream media lapdogs.


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By Hunter Fielding
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