Liberal Rioters TRASH Entire Building

Portland State University’s library in Oregon has been closed due to the occupation and damage caused by anti-Israel protesters. PSU President Ann Cudd inspected the library on Friday and stated in a letter to the campus community that it is currently unsuitable for use. According to KOIN, Cudd mentioned that staff members are actively seeking alternative solutions for students. It is anticipated that the library will remain closed for a number of months. This development coincides with the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization.

Cudd’s note said:

“I also know there is still much hurt and anger surrounding the protests, the ongoing violence in Gaza and the disturbing scenes that have played out in our midst. I know many of you will continue to raise your voice in protest and I am in full support of your right to do so. At the same time I expect that protesters will not intimidate and harass students or other members of our community.”

Andy Ngô, a journalist, stated on Friday that the individuals participating in the protest are members of Antifa and described them as “far-left violent extremists.” He mentioned that the purpose of the four-day occupation was in support of Gaza:

Law enforcement officers in Portland removed protesters from the library on Thursday morning, as per KGW News. Police were seen in video footage outside the library, where protesters had placed barricades such as a soccer goal and plywood.

Furthermore, additional footage displayed officers entering the library and discovering barricades in hallways and stairwells, along with messages written on the walls by the protesters. Reports from Portland Police mentioned the discovery of tools, suspected improvised weapons, and homemade armor during the operation.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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12 days ago

Of course, since it was the Left, it was “mostly peaceful.”

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