Leo Terrell Trolls Joy Reid Into Oblivion After Chick-fil-A Pit Stop Shows Donald Trump is Loved by All Types of Americans

Earlier today we reported on a pit stop by presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump at an Atlanta area Chick-fil-A.

Attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell went on a posting spree via X tagging groups such as CNN, ABC, and even MSNBC’s rabidly left wing Joy Reid.

“I thought black people hate Trump! That is what I hear from @JoyAnnReid!”

Here are a few of the other notable X posts by Leo of the aforementioned subject matter:

It’s clear the momentum has shifted in swing states in favor of Donald Trump for the upcoming election this year.

Many conservatives are suspicious that Democrats will try to beat him by hook or crook, or even if he wins that they will immediately investigate and impeach him for the remaining 4 years.

Leo and those who agree with him still feel it’s worth the hassle of pushing back anyway in hopes of reviving the American spirit of fairness and patriotism that once reigned.

By Liam Donovan
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