Leo Terrell Warns RINO Who Nearly Assaulted Matt Gaetz: Support Jim Jordan for Speaker or Lose Alabamans’ Support

U.S. House Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-R) is diligently working against his party to make sure U.S. House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) doesn’t become the new Speaker of the House.

News of his alleged underhanded dealings with Democrats has been swirling on X.

Ryan Fournier shared:

“Rep. Mike Rogers is actively working with Democrats to strike a deal that would stop Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker of the House. I think it’s high time for Alabamians of the 3rd District to call this guy out. JIM JORDAN FOR SPEAKER, Mike!”



Joey Mannarino also commented on Rogers dealings with Democrats to stop Jordan. Manariono pointed out that Rogers is from an R +19 distinct and threw out an insult about his hairpiece:

“This guy is currently in negotiation with Democrats to try and stop Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker. Mike Rogers of Alabama. I don’t think that a R+19 district has any problem with Jim Jordan. In fact, I’m sure they want him as Speaker. So why is Mike “Rug” Rogers trying so hard to stop Jim? I’m sure his constituents would love to know!”



@ImMeme0 shared a clip of Rogers from earlier this year when McCarthy was voted in. In the clip, you can see Rogers being held back from attacking Matt Gaetz (R-FL) during the ongoing votes.

“The GOP base want Speaker Jim Jordan. But the Establishment Republicans don’t want to vote for America First speaker. Rep. Mike Rogers is openly talking about making a deal with Democrats rather than vote for Jordan. Rogers is the same guy who was trying to fight Matt Gaetz during McCarthy nomination. Alabama you need to set Roger straight or primary him. Enough with these RINOs.”



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Fox News commentator Leo Terrell issued some advice to Rogers indicating that his constituents want to see Jordan as Speaker.

“Attention @RepMikeRogersAL I suggest you support @Jim_Jordan for Speaker. Alabama is Trump’s Country and President Trump supports @Jim_Jordan .”



Republicans have been all over the place trying to figure out how to get someone to 217 votes for the Speakership. U.S. House Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was unable to secure enough votes, even when Jim Jordan temporarily dropped out of the race. Scalise ultimately dropped out Thursday and Jordan was back in.

Now it appears that Rogers is showing he isn’t willing to get behind Jordan but he is ready to strike a deal with the Democrats.

This absurd action appears to show how much Rogers is against the non-establishment part of his party, he would rather placate Democrats than see an America First Speaker of the House.

By Liam Donovan
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