Leo Terrell Says David Weiss is the Wrong Person to be Hunter Biden Special Counsel: ‘He Tried to Give Hunter Biden Sweetheart Deal’

Friday morning, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he was appointing Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Delaware David Weiss as special counsel over the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden.

In response to the announcement from Garland, Leo Terrell shared his thoughts on X:

“The appointment of David Weiss as special counsel is designed to slow down the House Republicans pursuit of impeachment against Joe Biden!”

“David Weiss is a bad selection as special counsel. He has been compromised. He tried to give Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal.”

“Special Counsel #DavidWeiss is a SELLOUT. Cannot be trusted.”

Alex Bruesewitz explained why the move by Garland appears to be just another attempt to cover up the Biden family’s alleged criminal activity.

“Appointing David Weiss as Special Counsel is an effort by the Biden regime to COVER UP Hunter’s crimes and obstruct congressional investigations. House Republicans must remain tough and continue to move forward with their efforts to uncover the truth about the Biden crime family!”

After the announcement one reporter asked Galrand why Weise needed the designation, but Garland ignored the reporter.

“‘If Weiss had the authorities he needed, why does he need to be a special counsel? Do you still have faith in U.S. Attorney Weiss after the [Hunter Biden] deal fell apart?’

Biden AG Merrick Garland: *ignores*”

This move by the attorney general doesn’t appear to surprise anyone. Former Assistant United States Attorney for Southern NY Andy McCarthy shared on Fox News that he believes it’s all a sham.

“It’s a conflict of interest because he is still a top official in the Biden Justice Department,” McCarthy stated. “He’s the presidentially appointed United States attorney for the District of Deleware. And under the special counsel regulations, he’s not qualified he’s not eligible to be a special counsel. This whole thing is a sham!”

Paul Sperry shared:

“DEVELOPING: By suddenly acquiring special counsel status, Hill investigators say embattled prosecutor David Weiss can now avoid testifying next month before the House Judiciary Committee and face grilling over reports he helped obstruct a broader investigation into Hunter Biden”

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Nick Sortor shared why he and many others are frustrated at the latest move by the DOJ in what appears to be a blatant move to protect Joe Biden and his family.

“HUNTER BIDEN’S SPECIAL COUNSEL David Weiss, the new “special counsel” has been the prosecutor on Hunter’s case for YEARS. to “prevent the public from learning about it,” according to Politico for other possible crimes—even ones related to REPRESENTING FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. The plea deal was SO BAD that the presiding judge threw it out in court. ?”

The House GOP has put much pressure on Biden and his DOJ and FBI and seems to be making some progress in uncovering “dirt” on the Biden Family. To many, it appears the response from the DOJ is to attempt to stall their efforts while Joe attempts to take another term as president.

By Liam Donovan
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Thea Beckwith
Thea Beckwith
11 months ago

Get him kicked out of the job. As he is tied to the government,

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