Leo Terrell Drops Hammer on RINOs Who ‘Lie about Their Support for Trump’: ‘We Know Who You Are – Stop Lying!’

Civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell has dropped the hammer on RINOs who “lie about their support for Trump.”

Taking to Twitter, Terrell warned, “We know who you are.”

Terrell said he finds it “offensive” that people would pretend to support President Donald Trump, presumably to further their own careers.

He urged those phony Trump supporters to “stop lying!”

“Leo 2.0” concluded by declaring that he’s “the biggest Trump supporter on the planet!”

Last week, Terrell said during an appearance on Fox News that he’s certain Trump will win the Republican nomination for 2024.

He also weighed in the Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis challenging Trump for the nomination.


By Hunter Fielding
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