Leo Terrell Doesn’t Trust Biden Impeachment Flip-Flopper Ken Buck after Sudden Change of Heart

Leo Terrell had some words for U.S. House Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) Tuesday morning as rumors that McCarthy was going to green light an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden swirled.

“RINO @RepKenBuck has betrayed the Republican Party.

“He is anti-impeachment!

“We need to find a Trump’s Republican to defeat him!

“I will help and campaign to defeat this RINO! #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica


Buck has been against the impeachment of Joe Biden before Tuesday. Alex Bruesewitz also suggested that Buck should be kicked out of the Freedom Caucus in response to Terrell’s post.

“Ken Buck should be kicked out of the freedom caucus. Republican voters should also start asking “what do the democrats have on Ken Buck?” Ken has totally made 180 on this issue. Ken was in favor of impeachment even before all of the new evidence came out. Now he’s backing down? Coward!”



Terrell then shared, “Let’s find a candidate to run against this RINO! @alexbruesewitz”



U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared the news that Buck now supports the impeachment inquiry and even called it a “good move”. She added, “I’m glad to see Ken Buck now supporting the Biden Impeachment Inquiry. He can join my Impeachment Team at http://impeachmentteam.com!”

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Terrell shared his thoughts on Buck’s change of heart and doubled down on his promise to find a primary challenger to Buck.

“I do not trust @RepKenBuck. I have been putting social media pressure on that RINO! I am recruiting a candidate to challenge him in the Primary. #TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica”



Buck is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. He has spoken out against the GOP investigations into Biden in interviews. He has also shared that he was against launching an impeachment inquiry but has now had a change of heart it seems.

We will see where this goes, but it appears Terrell intends to find someone to primary Buck regardless of his current stance on a Biden impeachment.

By Liam Donovan
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