Leo Terrell Praises Bill Ackman for Defending His Wife against Leftist Plagiarism Smears

In an appearance Sunday morning on Fox News, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell praised billionaire Bill Ackman for defending his wife against the Left’s allegations of plagiarism.

Terrell declared in the interview:

“I support Bill Ackman 100%.

“They attacked Bill Ackman’s wife.

“Bill Ackman’s wife has nothing to do with Harvard leadership or Claudine Gay.”

“I applaud Bill Ackman, by attacking his wife, they made it personal,” Terrell noted.

Terrell pointed out that the left has weaponized journalism and universities “to go after anyone that is on the right.”

“So what Bill Ackman is going to do is use his money to expose the left,” Terrell asserted.

“I’m glad because we need that help, we need that support.”

In an X post on Friday, Ackman announced:

“My wife, @NeriOxman, was just contacted by Business Insider claiming that they have identified other plagiarism in her work including15 examples in her dissertation where she did not cite Wikipedia as a source.”

“Business Insider told us that they are publishing their story this evening.

“As a result, we don’t have time to research their claims prior to publication.

“It is unfortunate that my actions to address problems in higher education have led to these attacks on my family,” Ackman explained.

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Ackman concluded:

“This experience has inspired me to save all news organizations from the trouble of doing plagiarism reviews.

“We will begin with a review of the work of all current @MIT faculty members, President Kornbluth, other officers of the Corporation, and its board members for plagiarism.”

An X user responded to Ackman:

“While you’re at it, maybe you could look at instances of plagiarism at business insider.”

Ackman replied, “Done.”

As we previously reported, Ackman played a major role in Gay stepping down from her role as Harvard president.

By Liam Donovan
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