Legendary Comedian Rob Schneider Mocks Washed Up Politician Mike Pence in ad for ‘Pumping Gas’ Without Selecting an Octane

In a recent X/tweet, legendary comedian Rob Schneider mocked former Vice President Mike Pence for an ad in which he is seen pumping gas without selecting an octane.

The ad, which was posted by Pence’s X/Twitter account, shows Pence filling up his car at a gas station. However, he does not select an octane, which causes the ad to seem inauthentic.

Schneider responded to the ad with a tweet that said: “How can this dipstick fix our energy independence when he can’t even push the button that chooses which octane gas he wants to make the ‘beeping’ sound stop?! #HardPass”

Schneider’s tweet has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for mocking Pence, while others have accused him of being petty.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Schneider’s tweet, it is clear that the ad has backfired on Pence. It has made him look out of touch and incompetent, which is not a good look for someone who is trying to position himself as a potential presidential candidate in 2024.

The ad also highlights the fact that Pence is not very relatable to everyday Americans. Most people know how to pump gas and select the correct octane. The fact that Pence does not is a reminder that he is out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people.

It remains to be seen whether the ad will hurt Pence’s political ambitions. However, it is clear that it has not helped him. If he wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, he needs to do a better job of connecting with ordinary Americans.

In the meantime, Rob Schneider can enjoy the last laugh.

By Liam Donovan
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8 months ago

Not only does Mike Pence not select the octane, he doesn’t pay for the gas. That’s because if you look close, he’s not pumping gas; he’s not pressing the lever in the pump handle that causes gas to go into the tank. Pence is fromIndiana. In Indiana one does not have to hold the handle while gas is being pumped.

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