Legal Review: Majority of 2020 Election Challenges Decided on the Merits Went for Trump or GOP

A legal review conducted on the 92 court challenges filed over the 2020 election found that a clear majority of the cases decided on the merits were ruled favorably for the plaintiffs, particularly, the Republican Party and the Trump campaign.

The election review noted the cases that were decided on the merits and those that were dismissed for lack of standing or other procedural issues.

The list of court cases, as well as the links to the case information, can be found below.

Reporter Rachel Alexander of the Arizona Sun Times shared the findings.

“You’re gonna wanna bookmark this,” she wrote.

“This is a compilation of all of the 2020 election challenges and what became of them.

“Despite the MSM lies that 60+ election challenges found no evidence of wrongdoing, there were actually 92 cases, with only 30 decided on the merits, and of those 30, Trump and/or the GOP plaintiff prevailed in 22 of them.”

The review clearly shows that there are eight such cases that were decided against the plaintiffs on statutory grounds (marked in red) and those that were decided in favor of the complaint (marked in green).

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The court case entries, many linking to Stanford’s Healthy Election Project, confirm the statuses and the rulings.

This debunks a widespread narrative that challenges to the 2020 election are “baseless.”

By Melinda Davies
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