Leaked Video Shows Elites Partying, Laughing at Public during Pandemic

A leaked video has emerged that shows political elites partying during the Covid pandemic and laughing about the public losing their freedoms.

Previously unseen footage has surfaced via the British publication “The Mirror,” raising the possibility of a new police investigation into the so-called “Partygate” scandal, as Conservative Party officials were captured on camera mocking lockdown rules and engaging in revelry during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The explosive video reveals for the first time how partygoers joked about their Christmas gathering, which took place at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters in London.

Shockingly, at least two individuals named in former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial resignation honors list were present among the 24 attendees.

The video shows two partygoers knocking over wine glasses as they stumble into a table laden with buffet food.

The inebriated pair twirl to the tune of The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York.”

This video marks the first visual evidence of one of the rule-breaking parties in Westminster.

Karaoke equipment with flashing lights can be seen in the background, while party attendees openly joke about their violation of the rules.

When a man sees he is being recorded, he exclaims: “Oh Christ.”

Then another asks: “Are you filming this?”

Someone else replies: “It’s for party, erm, party use.”

A man then laughs after he declares: “As long as we are not streaming that we’re, like, bending the rules.”

In the exclusive footage, two dancers can be seen twirling past a sign urging people to maintain social distance.


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The revelations are likely to anger families who lost loved ones to Covid-19 and reignite criticism of Johnson, who recently faced backlash for misleading Members of Parliament about parties at 10 Downing Street.

The party depicted in the video occurred on December 14, 2020, while large parts of the UK were subject to strict restrictions on indoor socializing.

Last year, a widely circulated photograph of the event formed part of a Metropolitan Police investigation.

However, due to a lack of sufficient evidence of legal infractions, no fines were issued.

The recent release of this new footage coincides with the start of the long-awaited UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

The Telegraph reported in August that the effects of lockdowns may now be “killing more people than are dying of Covid,” based on official statistics.

“Figures for excess deaths from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that around 1,000 more people than usual are currently dying each week from conditions other than the virus,” the British publication noted.

An exhaustive Johns Hopkins University comparative analysis found that strict lockdowns failed to significantly reduce Covid-related deaths.

“Lockdowns in the U.S. and Europe had little or no impact in reducing deaths from COVID-19, according to a new analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins University,” the Washington Times reported.

“The lockdowns during the early phase of the pandemic in 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by about 0.2%, said the broad review of multiple scientific studies.”

“We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

The United States faced similar lockdowns as the United Kingdom, and many Americans are still seeking accountability, particularly with the Republican-led House.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 year ago

Let us please desist from referring to them as the “elites”. They are nothing of the sort. They’re the “scum of the earth”, scum being dirt that rises to the top.

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Inquiring mind
Inquiring mind
1 year ago

But WHY do ‘they’ ALL look SO gay.??

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