Leaked NSA Docs: Top U.S. Spy Agency Compromised by Critical Race Theory, ‘Gender Queer’ Ideology

A U.S. intelligence agency is compromised by radical neomarxist ideology in much the same way as the U.S. military has been subverted in recent years, leaked documents reported by the Daily Wire reveal.

The National Security Agency, the top spy agency in charge of signals intelligence to detect foreign and domestic threats, has taken on a new agenda: Creating a massive glossary of Woke terms for employees, ranging from “anti-racist” to the gender-neutral pronouns “ze” and “zir.”

While this may seem like a trivial internal matter that merely creates a nuisance for non-Woke NSA employees, it actually presents a threat to free speech, since it reinforces the perception that Americans who don’t subscribe to radical leftist ideology may be “far right extremists,” guilty of engaging in “hate speech” (such as by purportedly ‘misgendering’ transgender individuals by referring to their genders at birth), and other imagined threats to national security.

The NSA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary shows the agency now defines terms like “queer theory” and “white fragility,” as part of its expansive guide to 327 social justice terms that blame “white Europeans” for “settler colonialism” and warn of “transmisogyny.”

The 34-page document, which was issued internally on May 6th, 2022 but never made public before to The Daily Wire’s inquiry, promotes overtly left-wing views on race and sex. It expressly supports the ideas of Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, both of which are subjective terms, but are nonetheless defined in the glossary.

The declassified NSA document labels itself as “a glossary of terms and language commonly used in dialogue regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice” and quotes radical Critical Race Theory instructors such as Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi.

It quotes DiAngelo when describing “white fragility” as “the state in which even a minimal amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves [in white people].” According to it, “these behaviors … function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.”

Additionally, there’s the concept of “whiteness,” according to the agency, which is a “broad social construction that embraces the white culture, history, ideology, racialization, expressions, experiences, epistemology, emotions and behaviors,” all with the goal of providing “material political, economic, and structural benefits for those socially deemed white.”

With its glossary, the agency, which has been heavily criticized for its mass surveillance of American citizens, goes beyond openly endorsing the extreme tenets of Critical Race Theory — it promotes queer theory as an approach that “critically deconstructs and challenges binaries such as male and female or heterosexual and homosexual.”

The DEI lexicon goes on to explain terms linked with queer theory, such as “transmisogyny,” which it defines as the “intersection of transphobia and misogyny.”

Meanwhile, “ze” and “zir” are defined as “gender neutral pronouns that can be used instead of he/she” and “his/her,” respectively, while “two spirit” is a “Native American term for individuals who identify as both male and female.”

Other categories described in the glossary include “genderqueer,” “AFAB/AMAB: Assigned Female At Birth, Assigned Male At Birth,” “Latinx,” and “same gender loving,” which is “a description for homosexuals” who believe that labels like gay and lesbian “carry negative connotations.”

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There’s also “demigender” — which includes variants like “demiboy” and “demigirl” — which is described as “having a partial connection to one or more genders.”

The extent of brainwashing within one of the United States’ most powerful spy institutions astounded a member of the House Intelligence Committee who saw the paper.

“I just can’t overemphasize how shocking this is,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, told The Daily Wire. “I’m a member of the Intelligence Committee in the House and it is an authentic document.”

“This isn’t some kind of diversity document, with terms like white fragility and definitions of whiteness and ‘ze’ and ‘zir’ in, say, the Small Business Administration,” Waltz said. “This is the NSA, the National Security Agency, one of the most powerful agencies in the world, that the world has ever seen.”

The glossary also works to undermine the very foundation of the United States, blasting America’s founders in its definition of “settler colonialism:” “Settler colonialism typically includes oppressive governance… and the enforcement of codes of superiority,” before charging that “examples include white European occupation of land in what is now the United States.”

While the NSA accuses “white Europeans” of colonization, it defines “decolonization” as a process that “requires a recognition of oppressive systems” in order to unlearn “values, beliefs, and conceptions that have caused physical, emotional, or mental harm to people through colonization.”

“White privilege,” on the other hand, refers to the “unquestioned and unearned set of advantages, entitlements, benefits, and choices bestowed on people solely because they are white.” It goes on to say that white people benefit from “societal structuring that prioritizes white people and whiteness” and provides another explanation for the word “overprivileged.”

With its definition of “white supremacy,” which it calls a “historically-based, institutionally-perpetuated system of exploitation of continents, nations, and people of color by white people and nations of the European continent,” the NSA adopts one of the core tenets of Critical Race Theory, that racism is institutional and systemic.

However, the NSA goes on to promote this viewpoint more openly when it defines five categories of racism: cultural, structural, institutional, individual, and internalized racism. According to the lexicon, institutional racism results in “advantages for whites and oppression and disadvantages for… people of color.”

According to the NSA, structural racism is a “feature of the social, economic, and political systems in which we all exist,” and it is the “most profound and pervasive form of racism.”

There’s also a meaning for the phrase “Euro-Centric,” which notes that “most use this term with a clear awareness of the historic oppressiveness of Eurocentric tendencies in U.S. and European society,” according to the definition.

The phrase “Critical Race Theory” is also on the list, with allusions to the “intersectionality of race and racism,” the “marginalization of people of color,” and its ostensible goal of posing a “challenge to dominant ideology.”

The document also includes a slew of terms that promote gender ideology, such as “drag queen/king” and “passing privilege,” which explains that there is a “variation in the degree to which medically and/or socially transitioned people are recognized as their correct gender,” with “levels of privilege.” Meanwhile, those who are not homosexual or trans are considered to enjoy “heterosexual privilege.”

“Gender binary” may be summed up as “the idea that there are only two genders.” It continues, “This idea is challenged by those who identify as non-binary,” such as “genderqueer” and “agender.”

The glossary not only explains words, but it also strives to direct readers away from terminology that are now considered “problematic.” The word “female-bodied,” for example, is defined as “very problematic because it genders bodies nonconsensually and plays into cissexism (in that breasts or a vulva, for example, are considered inherently female.” Along with a similar comment, the word “male-bodied” is also mentioned.

The definition of “gender affirming surgery” states that “sex change” is “an outdated and often offensive term.” The term “homosexual” is also problematic, according to the guide: “This is not a favored phrase. Homosexual males prefer the word gay, whereas homosexual females prefer the term lesbian.”

“MTF” and “FTM,” according to the dictionary, are acronyms for people who were “assigned” as male or female at birth but later sought to transition into the other sex. However, the NSA dossier goes even deeper into gender ideology, claiming that those two phrases are possibly “problematic.” It then promotes the alternative names “MTM” and “FTF” – terms that are used to denote “a transgender individual who has medically transitioned and feels their birth sex was never an identity to which they could relate.”

“A person with a birth sex of female may have lived as a female for many years but never identified as a woman,” he said.

“Pansexual” is a term used to describe the “potential for sexual attractions or romantic love toward people of all gender identities and biological sexes.” According to the paper, pansexuality “deliberately rejects the gender binary and derives its origins from the transgender movement.”

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“It is disturbing that this is what the senior leadership of one of our most critical intelligence agencies is worried about when we literally have the world on fire,” Waltz said, highlighting the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that went undiscovered by the intelligence community.

“Those holding the keys to power, those with their finger on the nuclear button or on incredibly powerful surveillance capabilities” are being “indoctrinated that our civilian institutions are inherently racist, are systemically misogynistic and have a colonialist past and therefore bad.”

“Our military is not focused on lethality. They’re focused on diversity and climate,” adding “that’s going to result in our enemies not fearing us and respecting us as they should.”

“Who wants to put their life on the line to defend that, and does that then lead to questions of whether those inherently flawed institutions should have true oversight over a very powerful intelligence agency in a very powerful military?” he went on to ask.

The document is labeled “unclassified,” a security classification indicating that the content is not classified but is not publicly available without authority.

According to the National Security Agency’s publicly accessible diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility website, “diversity and inclusion strategies inform our daily operations,” and the agency is actively “cultivating relationships with external partners and leveraging those partnerships to increase the diversity of NSA’s hiring talent pool.”

The NSA also claims to be a “model for diversity and equitable practices and outcomes throughout the Federal Government.”

On his first day in office, President Biden signed an executive order to establish a “whole-of-government equity agenda.” In June 2021, Biden signed another executive order to create “a coordinated Government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the Federal workforce, expanding its scope to specifically include equity and accessibility.”

As reported earlier at the Politics Brief, the FCC on Wednesday voted 3-2 for a plan that would give the federal government complete authority over the Internet. The plan has not been finalized and may be opposed in Congress or challenged in the courts if implemented.

The plan is being sold as a means to prevent digital discrimination and ensure equitable access to broadband internet in the United States. The proposal, however, grants broad access to and regulatory control over all parts of the Internet that many justifiably believe will lead to government abuse.

Biden in February quietly issued an executive order stating his administration’s intention to regulate the Internet based on the goals of promoting “diversity” and equity.

It is called the “Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government.”

A phrase from the executive order caused a number of people to become concerned:

When designing, developing, acquiring, and using artificial intelligence and automated systems in the Federal Government, agencies shall do so, consistent with applicable law, in a manner that advances equity.

The implementation of the executive order would entail a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) board that would supervise the rollout of AI to promote “equity” — an anomalous term that can be defined to fit any bureaucratic action.

Radical left-wing ideology is now being implemented at the highest levels of the U.S. government and is leading the nation ever closer to the criminalization of legitimate, peaceful, and pro-American political differences.

The Biden administration’s politicization of the nation’s most powerful military and spy agencies thus represents an existential threat to the security of the American people.

By Melinda Davies
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
7 months ago

They are determined to create the chaos of a “Bedlam”( St Bethlehem’s asylum) as the whole of society! Language to have no meaning at all, morals, ethics, empathy eradicated, behaviors run amok, etc.

7 months ago

The last two paragraphs said it all. BraindeadBiden and his fascist administration’s goal is to destroy America and the American Patriots! They all should be indicted and executed for Treason, Espionage, and Seditious conspiracies!

6 months ago

Actually you just described ALL the USAincs agency’s!!!

And None with any authority over American nationals!!!

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