Leaked Blueprints Expose Planned Covid Bioweapon

Newly leaked documents have exposed blueprints for the planned release of Covid as an apparent bioweapon.

Months before the COVID-19 “pandemic” was officially announced to the world in early 2020, scientists in China were working on a synthetically engineered “SARS-CoV” bioweapon.

This manufactured virus was made with an altered spike protein, newly uncovered records show.

Making the “lab leak (theory) almost certain,” the documents in question, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, contain the blueprints for developing these engineered “spike proteins,” the job of which was to infect human cells and become “inserted into SARS-Covid backbones.”

All of this took place at the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) starting in December 2018.

About a year later, the first “cases” of COVID injection were reported in China, followed by more cases in the United States and beyond.

It was in late 2019 when the “pandemic” started to become a global event, and none of it would have been possible apart from U.S. government funding that was funneled into EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based nonprofit organization that for many years has funded bioweapons development and experimentation.

“The documents also show how EcoHealth tried to deliberately mislead the Pentagon on how risky the experiments were to secure funding,” tweeted Sen. Gerard Rennick (Queensland, Australia).

“The team sought to synthesize spike proteins with furin cleavage sites that had been designed to bind to human receptors more easily …

“The furin has been one of the focal points of debate about Covid-19’s origin, with some experts claiming it could only have been acquired through lab experiments.”

The proposed blueprint in question was ultimately denied by the United States Department of Defense (DoD), but what it contains was still used as a blueprint elsewhere for how to create the bioweapon that would ultimately be dubbed “COVID-19.”

The same document exposes EcoHealth for deliberately trying to mislead the Pentagon as to just how risky the experiments proposed within in it really were.

This deception is how EcoHealth secured U.S. taxpayer funding for the later creation of COVID.

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EcoHealth has since responded to the allegations by calling them “incomplete” and “false.”

The nonprofit insists that all of this is “based on misunderstanding of edits and comments on the document, and based on misleading out-of-context quotations and a lack of understanding the process by which federal grants are awarded.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) disagrees.

A longtime vocal supporter of the lab leak theory, Paul says the unearthed documents reinforce the “deception” that was used by EcoHealth and other key players directly tied to the Wuhan lab that allegedly unleashed the bioweapon.

“This latest [document] leak makes the case for a lab leak almost certain,” said Matt Ridley, a biologist and science writer who has written extensively about the lab leak theory.

“A reckless experiment, known at the time to be reckless, probably caused the death of millions of people.

“Scientists and the media conspired to conceal the evidence. Let that sink in.”

U.S. Right to Know is once again credited with uncovering the documents.

Said documents outline the nature of the grant proposal, which was called “Project DEFUSE: Defeating the Threat of Bat-borne Coronaviruses.”

The entire thing talks about the deliberate engineering of high-risk coronaviruses that are capable of spilling over from animals to humans – and that is exactly what appears to have happened with the deliberate engineering and “leak” of COVID from the Wuhan lab.

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

When will the criminals (instead of the patriots) start going to jail?

Rex Reptilius
Rex Reptilius
6 months ago
Reply to  David

Only when there’s an uprising by the lawful and Constitutional believers of the Second Amendment!
Do NOT fear the Alphabet Agencies if you are appropriately protected and lawfully-armed!
If they flood your yard and attempt to break in no-knock style, wait until they are in the house, and then take them out!
Remember-anyone can say ‘FBI Search Warrant’ or Police Arrest Warrant’ without properly indentification..and they can also wear fake uniforms!

Eric Snodgrass
Eric Snodgrass
6 months ago

This is why it was crucial to get brandon into the white house. Only the executive branch has enforcement powers, the rest of the government is essentially impotent.

Rex Reptilius
Rex Reptilius
6 months ago
Reply to  Eric Snodgrass

Enforcement of the Congress also comes from the Sergeant-At-Arms, but these appointed cherubs have proven themselves to be worthless.
IF they were worth a damn, then J-6 would never have happened, as the Patriots would never have had to go to the U.S. Capitol in the first place if the Sergeants at Arms would have done their jobs to begin with in the House and Senate!

Rex Reptilius
Rex Reptilius
6 months ago

This is why those currently serving need to check that their dog tags and medical records have their correct blood type.
When I questioned my Marine DI about the error on my dog tags, he said that ‘Blood type can change!’
Fact was, I was already profiled by the PTB for collateral extermination by being given the wrong blood type in the event of a casualty event or a medicaloperation outside of combat.
Check also that you do not have a DNR sheet in your VA or Active-Duty medical File(s).

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