KJP Gets Sassy with Reporter Who Wants Answers on Ukraine Aid

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Biden did not contradict himself during Tuesday’s press briefing when a reporter asked about comments President Joe Biden made about Ukraine.

NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander asked about Biden seeking an alternative avenue to provide aid to Ukraine after Biden had earlier expressed confidence in Congress passing legislation. No aid for Ukraine was included in the continuing resolution signed by Biden Saturday.

“I guess I’m confused,” Alexander said, “Because you said here the president was confident aid would continue, but today the present himself conceded that he was worried about that. Of those two, can those two align?”

“I’m happy to repeat myself,” Jean-Pierre responded. “What we’ve heard from House members, both Republicans and Democrats, we’ve heard from senators, both Republicans and Democrats have said … that they want to continue to support in Ukraine, so that Ukraine can continue to fight against Russian aggression. We’ve heard that … overwhelming majority, so that still stands.”

Biden spent Tuesday reassuring American allies that aid to Ukraine would continue, The Associated Press reported. The House of Representatives is without a leader following the removal of Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California in a 216-210 vote Tuesday.

“If the president wants to take an extra step and explain and talk through the importance of supporting Ukraine, that’s what he wants to [do],” Jean-Pierre said. “It’s not the first time, he’s done it multiple times, even when we’ve had bipartisan [support] and continue to have bipartisan support.”

Post written by Harold Hutchinson. Republished with permission from DCNF. Images and headlines via Becker News.

By Melinda Davies
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