KJP Gets Humiliated Ahead of Biden’s Speech to Frame Trump as a ‘Threat to Democracy’

It’s now year four of the Biden regime, and the White House is still making the same excuse for why everything is getting worse: It’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

Whether it’s the deteriorating economy that has seen inflation gobble up Americans’ savings and has led to wage stagnation or involvement in wars overseas despite no one having voted for it or the border crisis that the Biden administration keeps intentionally fueling through willful refusal to enforce the law, the Democratic Party and its corporate media mouthpieces keep uttering the same refrain, “but, Trump.”

The American people are fed up with it. So, when President Biden announced yet another speech to demonize the tens of millions of innocent, law-abiding Americans who support Make America Great Again, questions immediately surfaced about whether this was going to turn into another infamous, haranguing ‘red backdrop’ speech reminiscent of a scene from Stalin’s Purges or the last days of the Third Reich.

“There, the president will make the case directly that democracy and freedom — two powerful ideas that united the 13 colonies and that generations throughout our nation’s history have fought and died for a stone’s throw from where he’ll be Saturday — remains central to the fight we’re in today,” said Quentin Fulks, a deputy campaign manager, about the speech.

The Biden campaign speech in the Philadelphia area near Valley Forge on the third anniversary of the January 6 riot, constantly miscast as an unarmed “insurrection” to overthrow the United States government, will mendaciously frame his 2024 campaign opponent as a “threat to democracy,” despite the Founding Fathers’ insistence that the United States is not a “democracy” but a Constitutional republic entailing rights that cannot simply be voted away by a majority.

This is in addition to the Biden regime taking political prisoners who are being held for non-violent infractions during January 6, the FBI’s raid on a former president in a fishing expedition for classified documents, its acquiescence to states taking the profoundly undemocratic action of removing Trump from its ballots, and its politically motivated prosecutions of the frontrunner candidate using dubious and novel legal theories.

So, the Biden campaign’s deception is being compounded by historical illiteracy.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was confronted with a pointed question on Wednesday about the president’s due diligence or lack thereof before framing his opponent as a threat to the country, rather than simply a former president who oversaw a period of relative prosperity and peace, culminating in a disastrous state-led Covid pandemic response, and ending with an orchestrated event at the nation’s capitol to disrupt the 2020 election challenges, which could have been prevented by the National Guard and law enforcement if there were the political will to do so.

KJP was asked about any scholars and historians that the press office said Biden had lunch with in the lead-up to the January 6.

“So, I don’t have a list to share at this time,” she replied. “For folks who are not tracking, this afternoon the president met or had lunch with a group of scholars and historians to discuss ongoing threats to our democracy, whether here and also abroad. This is something that he tends to do, especially as we head towards an important day like January 6 or it’s something that is commonly done. He’s done it — he’s met with a diverse group of historians before. I don’t have a list to provide you with at this time.”

Thus, it is pretty clear what the Biden regime is doing: It is providing a false veneer of legitimacy to his nation-destabilizing remarks to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters.

In September 2022, also in Philadelphia, Biden made remarks that undoubtedly will be similar to the ones we are likely to see with the president’s January 6 anniversary speech.

[embedded content]

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Biden ranted in front of a pair of U.S. Marines and a blood-red backdrop.

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The last time Biden gave such a speech, it may have cost 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson his life.

Let’s hope that it only costs us the last shreds of dignity in the White House this time around.

By Melinda Davies
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