Kevin McCarthy Busted Praising Democrats in Unearthed Speech: ‘They Actually Look Like America’

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, now on his way to an early retirement that is risking Republican control of the House in 2024, was caught praising Democrats in a speech at Oxford University about three weeks after he had his gavel taken away.

Kevin McCarthy repeated Woke talking points during his speech in a passage that is reflective of the Democrats’ identity politics.

“When I look at Democrats they actually look like America, when I look at [Republicans] they look like the most restrictive country club,” he said.

The former Speaker was caught repeating Woke talking points when he thought no one was looking. But his words are a betrayal of tens of millions of diverse, unique, working class Americans who have supported the Republican Party.

They are farmers and truck drivers and soldiers and nurses and doctors and countless others who value America and what it stands for. They love the country for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that are enshrined as its founding principles and want to maintain the American Dream that made the nation great for future generations.

Kevin McCarthy, according to his words, is repeating a dishonest message that contends that such core beliefs only run skin deep; the promise of America is for “white people” and not for all of humanity. It is a deeply dishonest and socially destructive argument.

McCarthy participated in a discussion titled ‘This House Believes US Interventionism Has Done More Harm Than Good.’ He was one of six speakers at the occasion. His speech was in opposition to the measure.

Kevin McCarthy’s abrupt retirement announcement over being ousted as speaker now threatens Republican control of the House.

With the retirement of McCarthy at the end of the year, the expulsion of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), and the departure of Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH), House Republicans may lose their majority before 2024.

Republicans currently possess a razor-thin four-seat lead in the House, but that number will decrease to two in the new year. The margin of error for House Republicans is virtually non-existent.

But they still may be better off without “Republicans” like Kevin McCarthy.

By Melinda Davies
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7 months ago

Mac carthy = STUPID POS!

Al Johnson
Al Johnson
7 months ago

How would a California globalist know what America looks like?

7 months ago

What country clubs does McCarthy belong to?
How many Democrat leaders belong to country clubs?
How members of country clubs are Democrats?
How many Democrats belong to other clubs?
McCarthy is, was and likely remain RINO poo ?

7 months ago

Don’t let the door hit’cha on the way out… not even sure how you got in…

Andrew T
Andrew T
7 months ago

Can we get a video clip to confirm this allegation?

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