Kathy Griffin Makes Animal Noises to Cope with ‘Trauma’ of Trump

Hollywood liberal Kathy Griffin admitted she “meows like a cat” and “moos like a cow” in order to deal with her Trump derangement syndrome.

Griffin, whose career went off the rails in 2017 after she posed with what appeared to be the severed head of then-President Donald Trump, confessed to Vulture that she is now practicing “something called cat-cow” to deal with her Trump-related PTSD.

The comedian explained that she makes animal noises to manage her PTSD while doing the cat and cow poses during yoga.

“It’s when I get on all fours like a kitty cat and then I arch my back and I am instructed by my teacher to say the word meow,” she said.

“I feel like a f#cking fool, but I do it.”

“And then I un-arch my back and — wait for it — I ‘moo’ like a cow,” Griffin added.

“PTSD is a bitch, and when I get PTSD attacks, I can’t stop vomiting.

“So if I have to meow like a kitty cat and moo like a cow, I’m gonna f#cking do it.”

Griffin, who is preparing to tour her newly announced “My Life on the PTSD-List” show, also explained she has PTSD, in part, from being investigated by the Department of Justice over her bloody photo shoot with the severed head of a sitting American president.

“I actually do have PTSD, and I’m laughing because I thought that was only for combat veterans,” she said.

“But apparently if you’re put under investigation by the Department of Justice, and the president wants you to be charged with conspiracy to assassinate the president, and you’re put on the No Fly List, and then your tour is canceled because of bomb threats, and then your phone doesn’t ring for six years, and then you get cancer and lose part of your voice ’cause half of your lung is gone, you gotta laugh about it,” Griffin added.

By Hunter Fielding
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