Just IN: Biden Whistleblower Goes Public

During the House impeachment inquiry, Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Biden family, revealed that President Joe Biden maintained “plausible deniability” while his family business received millions from various foreign entities, including CEFC China Energy Co.

This is noteworthy as Bobulinski personally met with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in May 2017 to discuss business with CEFC, an organization closely associated with the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, Bobulinski is the whistleblower who verified that the message mentioning a stake of “10 held by H for the big guy” referred to Joe Biden.

House Republicans have obtained suspicious activity reports that reveal Hunter Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker, received a substantial $3 million wire transfer from CEFC in 2017. As a result, four members of the Biden family, namely Hunter, James, Hallie, and an unidentified individual with the last name “Biden,” collectively received a significant cut of $1.3 million.

During his interview with investigators, Walker stated that Joe Biden was present at a meeting alongside Hunter Biden, other business partners, and Ye Jianming, the Chairman of CEFC.

“I don’t remember the exact time, but I remember being in Washington, D.C., and the former vice president stopped by. We were having lunch,” Walker testified.

In 2017, Hunter Biden informed Bobulinski via text message that he had no intention of registering as a foreign agent for CEFC.

It is worth noting that Hunter, who faced multiple indictments, was not accused of breaching the FARA law.

Furthermore, Bobulinski testified that Biden played a role in facilitating his son’s ability to provide access to certain high-risk entities, such as the Chinese Communist Party, within the United States.

“The only reason any of these international business transactions took place – with tens of millions of dollars flowing directly to the Biden family – was because Joe Biden was in high office,” Bobulinski revealed.

“The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.

“Other key players have made this point clear as well: Hunter Biden himself has adamantly stated it in a variety of communications, as did another Biden family business associate, Devon Archer, in his testimony last year.

“Foreign nationals on the other side of these transactions – including from China, Ukraine, and Romania – have also explained how and why these transactions took place.

“Once again, I would call that extensive evidence.”

Bobulinski reminisced about his professional association with Joe Biden and CEFC, highlighting the growth in business activities during 2016, which coincided with Joe Biden’s final year as vice president:

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“It is not a coincidence that CEFC’s aggressive approach to the Biden family happened around the same time. It is also not a coincidence that CEFC used the Biden family’s weakest link, Hunter Biden, and the promise of large sums of money to the tune of tens of millions of dollars initially, and eventually the profits from investing billions of dollars in the United States and around the world.

“The Chinese Communist Party through its surrogate, China Energy Company Limited, or ‘CEFC’ … successfully sought to infiltrate and compromise Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House.

“This process started in the Fourth Quarter of 2015 and continued through when Joe Biden left office in January 2017 to March of 2018 when CEFC Chairman Ye was detained for corruption in China, never to be seen again.”

Bobulinski went on to explain that Joe was completely aware of the deal, which had “a known surrogate of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. Government and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York as far back as 2016, possibly earlier”:

“Joe Biden was aware of the CEFC transaction, enabled it and had a constitutional responsibility and obligation to the American people to shut it down before it began.

“This is because CEFC had been identified as a known surrogate of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. Government and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York as far back as 2016, possibly earlier.

“I would encourage Congress to gather all of the exact facts and dates. It is clear to me that alarm bells should have been going off in the Obama-Biden White House and that Joe Biden should have been aware that his own administration had red-flagged CEFC as a tool of the Chinese Communist Party.

“This should have made any business transaction with CEFC a non-starter.”

Furthermore, Bobulinski asserted that he was never even approached by law enforcement officials to discuss the Biden business:

“United States law enforcement appears to have been singularly unwilling to speak with me or to hear the facts we will be discussing today.

“I have never been contacted to provide testimony nor asked to speak with anyone connected with Joe Biden’s administration, including his Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, or local law enforcement.

“That includes U.S. Attorney David Weiss for the District of Delaware or any of the several grand juries I now know were convened after my name became publicly known.

“On October 23, 2020, I voluntarily walked into the Washington Field Office of the FBI with several phones containing years of encrypted communications between me and numerous members of the Biden family and their associates.

“That conversation, which was subject to False Statement statutes, lasted many hours, and was never followed up upon by anyone in government or law enforcement in any way.

“Rather, when the House Ways and Means Committee recently released the FBI 302 report of those meetings, Hunter Biden’s lawyers laughably tried to use a single note-taking error by a junior FBI agent to accuse me, falsely, of lying about my attendance at a meeting with Hunter Biden and CEFC in Miami.

“I was crystal clear to the agent in my interview that I was physically in Miami during that time for other things and did not attend the actual CEFC meeting.

“Hunter Biden’s lawyers should focus their energy on the facts and the extensive indictments Hunter is fighting versus creating smoke screens and distractions with their empty threats.

“I have only told the truth, I continue to tell the truth, I have the facts and, as we will discuss today, I also have the receipts to back them up.”

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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3 months ago

The o’biden clan has been milking America’s teat for decades. They know nothing else except bribery, thievery, lying, cheating, hiding, covering-up, distracting, stealing, pandering, denying and ordering the CIA death squad around to help cover themselves. Good news? He’ll be dead soon. The bad? Who’ll take over… Is the known always better than the unknown? Not sure at all.

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