Judge in Epstein Case Condemns Dangerous Media Speculation in Court Statement

A judge who is presiding over the unsealing of Epstein-related files has issued a statement condemning the press for its speculation on the case, particularly the identifying of certain Jane and John “Does” in the case.

The judge who unsealed the files, Loretta A. Preska, issued the following statement correcting the press speculation and its dangerous consequences.

“It has come to the Court’s attention that several articles have been published in the domestic and international press asserting that a woman identified as ‘Banu Kucukkoylu’ is ‘Doe 102’ in this case,” the judge noted. “Material submitted to the Court under seal persuades the Court that Ms. Kucukkoylu is not Doe 102. Ms. Kucukkoylu has reported that these attributions (that is, the assertions that she is Doe 102) have endangered her life and caused her to live in fear.”

“The Court is also persuaded of the danger to Ms. Kucukkoylu from these false reports,” the judge added. “It is the Court’s hope that the false reporting will cease.”

The name in question appears to be in connection to an Epstein flight manifest.

As one example, there was a false report on X: “The first Turkish woman whose name was announced on Epstein’s prostitution island; Banu Küçüköylü.”

There were other posts that depicted Kucukkoylu as a beauty queen.

A Turkish source issued the following report about the entry:

US billionaire on charges of sexually abusing girls and creating a prostitution network Jeffrey Epstein‘s private aircraft “Lolita Express” and allegedly carried underage girls to his island.

Epstein is among the new names that emerged after the prosecution shared the 943-page indictment with the public Jane Doe the person who testifies under the nickname is Turkish Banu Kucuktor it was claimed to be. 

The report noted a statement:

“Since 1988, I have been going to and from USA. I have stayed in the US often. But I don’t know Epstein at all. I saw the name ‘Banu Kucukseyl’ on the flight record. I think it’s a complete name similarity”, she said.

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The Epstein files have become the source of rampant speculation, as their incremental unsealing has fueled anticipation and eagerness to discover the powerful clients that convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein catered to.

Epstein made sex trafficking victims available to prominent persons for personal benefit, and potentially, blackmail.

“Epstein also sexually trafficked the then-minor Jane Doe, making her available for sex to politically-connected and financially-powerful people,” one document asserts.

A list of names given by Giuffre who may have knowledge of Epstein and Maxwell’s alleged sex trafficking is included in the new papers. longtime President Bill Clinton, disgraced Prince Andrew, deceased model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, businessman Les Wexner, deceased Democratic New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and longtime Clinton adviser Doug Band are among those on the list.

Another ostensibly false report, issued by Newsweek, suggests Donald Trump is ‘Doe 174.’ Trump has thus far been exonerated by the Epstein files.

Jeffrey Epstein’s client list is still sealed. No one in relation to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring has gone to prison over the scandal, except for Epstein’s Madame Ghislaine Maxwell.

By Melinda Davies
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