Johns Hopkins Medical Prof.: Biden Shows Signs of Cognitive Slowing, Age-Related Dementia

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor Dr. Marty Makary said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden seems to be experiencing signs of dementia and cognitive decline.

Corporate media endeavored for years to suppress questions about Biden’s cognitive health, but it has become a topic of discussion ever since the president’s disastrous debate with former President Donald Trump.

Makary said on Fox News that the president’s movements during the debate showed “signs of somebody with cognitive slowing.”

“There was times of intense confusion and it’s hard to make a curbside diagnosis from a distance,” Makary said.

“But when you look at the shuffling, the slow motion movement, what we call dyskinesia, when a hand goes out very slow for a handshake, and that kind of very slow movements.

“Those are signs of somebody with cognitive slowing.”

“And if I put a medical student of mine in front of the president and said, ‘here’s a standardized patient, do an assessment.’

“If they came back and said there’s a normal cognition, there’s no diagnosis, that patient would fail the exam,” he added.

“We’re clearly witnessing dyskinesias and signs of age-related dementia.”

Dr. Marc Siegel on Monday criticized the media for what he considers an inaccurate characterization of Biden’s issues as “gaffes,” asserting the president has shown indications of at least “mild cognitive impairment.”

“There’s issues clearly with spatial orientation, with severe memory lapses,” Siegel said.

“And another thing that the media did, which didn’t do him any favors, is call these gaffes. It’s not a gaffe if you have an error that’s related to something going on with your thinking, judgment, attention.

“These are really important things and the patient is always the last to know.”

Biden seemed to express that he was unwilling to undergo a cognitive test during his recent interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, claiming that he takes one everyday through his duties as president.

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By Melinda Davies
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