John Kerry Claims ‘Climate Change Deniers’ Are Part of a Dangerous Cult

On Thursday, John Kerry, who serves as Biden’s climate czar, vehemently criticized individuals he referred to as ‘climate change deniers’ and accused people who dared to challenge the concept of ‘settled science’ of being associated with a dangerous cult.

Such dehumanizing language deserves condemnation.

Kerry delivered these comments on Thursday at The Signet Library in Edinburgh, Scotland. He traveled to the UK to lecture the public about the climate crisis.

“Without facts or economics on their side, they flatly deny what is happening to our planet and what we must do to save it,” Kerry said.

“They incite a movement against what they falsely label ‘climate change fanaticism’ as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a ‘cult’ is ‘the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie,’” he continued.

“They lash out at the truth-tellers instead and label indisputable evidence as hysteria,” he added.

He then accused ‘climate change deniers’ as a big danger to humanity.

John Kerry travels around the globe in private jets, all the while giving lectures to the general public about the importance of making sacrifices to address climate change.

What an irony…


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By Hunter Fielding
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