Joe Rogan Draws Battle Lines, Says Joe Biden has been a ‘F***** Goof’ his Entire Career and thinks No One will Beat Donald Trump in Primary

Leftists and deranged politically correct activists recently tried and failed to have Joe Rogan canceled on Spotify. Rogan is historically only a political centrist. Lately however, he’s begun to see how bad the left’s ideas are.

In a recent show, Rogan declared his thoughts for the GOP primary and what he thinks of Joe Biden. X poster KanekoaTheGreat did a great job transcribing the segments, which really speak for themselves:

[email protected]: “No one is going to run against Trump on the Republican side and win because you are not going to get the Trump supporters… The fact that he was the President for four years, and the country was in a great economic situation, and it looked like his policies were actually effective.

Unemployment was down. Business was booming. Regulations were being relaxed. More things were getting done. When you look at it from a policy perspective, what he did on paper was effective…

Everybody thinks there needs to be a wall. Even the Mayor of New York City is now calling to stop immigration into his city…

When you look at the Russia collusion. When you look at the Steele dossier. When you look at all the bullshit, they tried to throw at him that we now know is bullshit.

Not just bullshit, but coordinated bullshit. When you look at the fact that they suppressed this Hunter Biden laptop story.

And 51 intelligence agency representatives signed off on that to say that this is Russian disinformation, which we know they know is not true. That’s scary.

Because now you have the intelligence agencies colluding to keep a guy from being president, who was president during a time when the country was thriving economically.”

[email protected]: “Joe Biden has been a f—kin goof his entire career. He’s been caught lying so many times. He’s so full of shit…

There is so much evidence that he is corrupt. Just undeniable evidence of corruption. The stuff with him and his son…

The guy [Devon Archer] who just testified that was Hunter’s business partner who talked about all the different things that Joe was involved with…

It’s f—kin undeniable, and the fact that mainstream news is ignoring this except for right-wing media is f—kin crazy.”

Joe Rogan is a popular podcaster with a large following, but he is not universally liked. In particular, many on the left have a negative view of him. This is despite the fact that Rogan has not explicitly endorsed Donald Trump or other right-wing politicians.

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There are a few reasons why the left doesn’t like Joe Rogan. First, he has been accused of spreading “misinformation”, particularly about COVID-19. For example, he has interviewed guests who have promoted treatments that big pharma has not green lighted, and he has himself made some controversial claims about the pandemic.

Second, Rogan has been criticized for his views on race and gender. He has used “racial slurs” in the past, and he has questioned the validity of transgender identities. His words may have been taken out of context by leftists however. These views have been seen as offensive and harmful by many on the left, or perhaps a way for them to pretend to be offended so they can cancel a moderate voice.

Rogan has also been accused of platforming “right-wing figures” (so what?). He has interviewed a number of conservative guests, including Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Milo Yiannopoulos. These guests have been accused of spreading ideas not allowed by the mainstream media.

Of course, not everyone on the left dislikes Joe Rogan. Some people believe that he is a fair and open-minded interviewer who is willing to talk to people from all walks of life. However, the criticisms of Rogan have been widespread, and they have led to a significant amount of backlash against him.

It is important to note that Rogan is not a traditional right-wing figure. He has expressed support for some liberal policies, such as marijuana legalization and gay marriage. However, his views on other issues, such as race and gender, have alienated many on the left. As a result, he is seen by some as a gateway to right-wing ideology.

By Liam Donovan
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