Jim Jordan Makes Move, Subpoenas Fani Willis Over Whistleblower Allegations of Inappropriate Federal Grant Spending

House Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Friday subpoenaed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over whistleblower allegations of inappropriate federal spending.

According to a letter sent to Willis, the Judiciary Committee made three attempts between August 2023 and December 2023 to get Willis to respond voluntarily, which she allegedly didn’t respond to.

The letter stated that “The Committee’s oversight of your office’s use of federal grant funds is particularly relevant in light of public whistleblower allegations that it has misused federal funding.”

“According to a recent report, your office unlawfully ‘planned to use part of a $488,000 federal grant – earmarked for the creation of a Center of Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention’ to cover frivolous and unrelated expenses,” the committee explained in the letter.

The committee added, “According to reporting about the whistleblower’s allegations, instead of using these federal grant funds for the intended purpose of helping at-risk youths, your office sought to use
the grant funds to ‘get Macbooks,. . . swag, . . . [and] use it for travel.’”

In a statement, Willis denied the allegations as she said, “These false allegations are included in baseless litigation filed by a holdover employee from the previous administration who was terminated for cause.”

“The courts that have ruled found no merit in these claims. We expect the same result in any pending litigation,” the statement insisted.

The statement concluded, “Any examination of the records of our grant programs will find that they are highly effective and conducted in cooperation with the Department of Justice and in compliance with all Department of Justice requirements.”

By Liam Donovan
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