Jim Jordan Is Back, Will Run Again for Speaker, Wants to Talk to the Twenty RINOs Who Betrayed Republicans

U.S. House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is running for round three to be the next House speaker.

Many had thought Jordan was officially done and someone else would run. Many X/Twitter pundits were already eulogizing Jordan and speculating on who was next to run.

This doesn’t mean Jordan will win. But he’s fighting hard for the spot, particularly because he sees just how many Republicans want him to be the speaker.

RINOs who don’t represent their constituents such as U.S. House Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) (shown in featured image) are being accused of being petty, being anti-Trump, or being beholden to special interests lobbying them against supporting Jordan.

In our view Jordan is the best bet for fiscal responsibility, less war intervention, border security as well as the fact that he’s a statesman and can bring people together.

“JUST IN: JIM JORDAN SPEAKS “I’m still running for Speaker and I plan to go to the floor and get the votes and win this race”

Many feel that big AG and big defense are behind the scenes lobbying against Jordan.

@MattGaetz says he will expects to see a THIRD ballot for Jim Jordan for Speaker on the house floor TODAY This comes after the plan to elevate Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry to speaker went down in flames earlier today. LET’S GET THIS DONE!

@Jim_Jordan FOR SPEAKER!”



“Just in: McCarthy will likely give the nomination speech for Jordan if another Speaker vote is held today. Jordan wants to meet with the no-votes before the floor vote.”



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Time will tell if Jordan can pull off this Hail Mary pass attempt.

By Liam Donovan
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7 months ago

The 20+ Traitors to the Conservative Members of the GOP, are just the Dem’s Uniparty, that stand in a circular manner to SHOOT their own party members because they are Conservatives….What, does that make Them, besides ‘Owned Traitors who love Corrupt Democrats, and that they’d Rather See this Nation go Under than survive those who want to FINISH IT OFF? They should Quit the GOP, and become what they are=Dem, Lites!

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